Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF) is the largest feed and shrimp producer and one of the three largest poultry and pork producers in the world. For hygienic material flow and increased productivity, Interroll, together with three system manufacturers, has installed belt conveyors with drum motors.

The company, based in Bangkok, Thailand, was faced with the challenge of meeting rising global demand. The solution was to significantly increase the production capacity for automated food processing, using belt conveyors with drum motors. And since the machines were to run without downtimes, it was also necessary to keep energy costs as low as possible in continuous operation. 

158 drum motors for 400,000 chickens per day

For CPF, food safety is a business-critical factor: the company places the highest value on ensuring that all poultry products are manufactured absolutely hygienically and 100% safe for human consumption. Therefore, the material flow solution to be installed had to meet the strictest hygienic requirements and guidelines. 

The 158 Interroll belt drives now installed at CPF has increased production capacity by up to 400,000 chickens per day. And they meet all hygiene and operating cost requirements with top marks. A study carried out by the Institute for Food Research at the University of Parma (Italy) in 2016 confirmed that drum motors offer significant advantages over gear motors in terms of hygiene and on-site cleaning. 

Hygienic advantages through compact drum motor design

The compact design of the drum motors increases the cleaning capability enormously. The design with fewer parts without cooling fins or fan wheels offers advantages in the wet area of meat processing: Salmonella, listeria, E. coli bacteria and other harmful microorganisms cannot settle in hard-to-reach niches or joints. The number is reduced to a minimum in the entire production environment - the risk of dirt accumulation and cross-contamination is decreased. By reducing the amount of cleaning required, CPF is able to save significant costs over the entire life cycle and increase ROI.  

Cleaning according to highest standards

All Interroll drum motors of the latest generation are equipped with the highest degree of protection IP69k for housings. This simplifies cleaning and speeds up setup. Thanks to the PTFE seal, high-pressure cleaning with chemicals approved in accordance with ECOLAB guidelines is also possible. This enables CPF to clean and disinfect both the drum motors and the entire system to the required hygiene standards, while at the same time saving energy and costs thanks to shorter cleaning phases: The best prerequisites for remaining competitive in a highly competitive market in the long term.

Less installation time, more satisfaction 

A further criterion for choosing Interroll drum motors was the shorter installation time, trouble-free continuous operation and reduced space requirements for a more compact system. The three OEM-cooperation partners involved in the project - Mechanical and Food Process Engineering, Thai Mech Tech and Cheetah Engineering Systems - also emphasize the flawless installation. Charoen Pokphand Foods now benefits from a future-proof material flow solution that is efficient, hygienic and easy to clean - and thus meets the high demands placed on food safety.

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