New Generation of Drum Motors

Practice-oriented, scalable, and thought out in detail: The new Drum Motor platform

Product news

The Interroll Belt Curve

Universal applications: From small packages (CEP) up to baggage transport at airports up to 75 kg/m.

Customers specifically value the reliability and robustness of the solution, which contributes daily to on-time delivery of parcels and shipments in more than 100,000 installations throughout the world.

Interroll Magnetic Speed Controller MSC 80

Safety counts! Control the pallet speed on your gravity lanes to avoid damages and injuries.

Interroll Pallet Flow, equipped with the patented MSC 80 is a perfect solution for high performance storage applications.

Softstart Control for checkouts

The new Softstart Control motor controller in a compact design perfectly covers the requirements of checkout manufacturers and reduces the complexity of installation.

Did you know? 6 times out of 10, the checkout stands in supermarkets and retail stores are powered by Interroll.

Logistics for eCommerce with MCP

This return handling area was modernized in just a few months by using modular conveyor platform (MCP). Result: double amount of returns can be processed. Productivity up by 30%.

Our References

Our products are in daily use by major international brands such as Amazon, Bosch, Coca-Cola, DHL, Nestlé, Procter & Gamble, Siemens, Walmart and Zalando.

Material Handling 4.0 - The future is now

Let's discuss Materials Handling 4.0 with Dr. Ralf Garlichs, Executive Vice President, Head of Products & Technology at Interroll Group.

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At Interroll we work in a Climate of Excellence and we foster a Culture for Growth. It is all about strategic awareness and living our values.

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Financial strength is part of our strategy and the base for long-term, sustainable growth. Follow our developments on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

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Acerca de Interroll

El Grupo Interroll es el principal proveedor mundial de soluciones para el de flujo de materiales. La empresa fue fundada en 1959 y cotiza en la bolsa de valores SIX Swiss Exchange desde 1997. Interroll suministra a los integradores de sistemas y fabricantes de plantas una amplia gama de productos y servicios basados en plataformas en las siguientes categorías: «Rollers» (rodillos transportadores), «Drives» (motores y accionamientos para sistemas transportadores), «Conveyors & Sorters» (transportadores y clasificadores) y «Pallet & Carton Flow» (sistemas de almacenamiento dinámico). Las soluciones de Interroll se utilizan en los servicios postales y exprés, en el comercio electrónico, en aeropuertos, en los sectores de alimentación y bebidas, moda y automoción, y en muchas otras industrias. Marcas líderes como Amazon, Bosch, Coca-Cola, DHL, Nestlé, Procter & Gamble, Siemens, Walmart y Zalando utilizan los servicios de la empresa. Con su sede en Suiza, Interroll posee una red global de 32 empresas con una facturación aproximada de 401,5 millones de francos suizos y 2000 empleados (2016).