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Our Conveyor Platforms

High Performance Conveyor Platform

Highest Performance
Low Maintenance

With the High Performance Conveyor Platform (HPP), the advantages of a flexible modular system of conveyor modules are now also available to system integrators and end users in the CEP industry. Our perfect answer to applications where high throughput, reliability and robustness are required. With this platform we enable a seamless material flow!

The platform consists of a variety of modules that can be adapted to the customer's specific requirements. The platform can also be used for applications where incline and decline conveyors are required. HPP is based on proven technologies such as the Modular Conveyor Platform or the Sorter Solution Platform, which have been in use in CEP installations around the globe for many years.

Modular Conveyor Platform

Flexible And Modular

Interroll conveyor modules offer enormous versatility with straight lines, curves, merges and transfers. A wide range of modules, consisting of roller conveyors, belt conveyors, lifters, High Performance Diverts and spiral lifts, covers all material flow requirements. With the modular conveyor platform MCP, whose modules are matched to each other and can be combined with each other, all common materials can be reliably transported.

Light Conveyor Platform & LCP AMR Top Module

Proven Simplicity

Due to the increasing flexibility of manufacturing, such as in the automotive, electronics, and consumer goods industries, there is growing demand for equally flexible, fast, and high-quality partners. Interroll’s current answer is the Light Conveyor Platform (LCP), a term synonymous with readily available and flexible predefined modules. The LCP is especially useful in the production and manufacturing industry as well as in the fields of assembly and automation.

By expanding the Light Conveyor Platform with the LCP AMR Top Module, Interroll now provides a seamless interface and guarantees a smooth material flow through the integration of AMRs.

This platform solution consists of a variety of modular straight and curved modules that can be scaled to any specific customer needs.

Modular Hygienic Platform

Enjoy Your Meal

Modular Hygienic Platform (MHP) is a complete platform based conveyor line for hygienic and ultra-hygienic applications. It includes two product platforms, each dedicated to a different stage of food processing. Now, we are launching a new solution that focuses on one distinct area of poultry meat processing. The Ultra Hygienic Transfer (UHT), located right behind the cutting area, will ensure that only useful meat parts get transfered to the next conveyor.​ In addition to that, we are introducing Special Hygienic Conveyor (SHC) for the conveyance of packed products with special hygienic requirements.

Did you know?

Interroll is expanding the range of applications of Modular Conveyor Platform MCP: Deep-freeze logistics will now benefit from efficient, ZPA material flow down to minus 30 degrees Celsius.

Our Crossbelt Sorter

Top performance for the modern variety of goods: With the new High-Performance Crossbelt Sorter, even larger and even heavier goods can be sorted even faster.

„It Starts with us!“

Interroll Automation GmbH in Sinsheim, Germany, our global Center of Excellence for Conveyors & Sorters introduces itself.