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Innovation Projects and
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Using new ideas to create added value for customers: As an international market and technology leader, our innovations set new benchmarks in modern material flow, both in the development of new products and in the improvement of existing solutions.

Investment in Research and Development for long-term success

The Innovation Projects and Development Center (IPDC) in Germany is at the heart of our company and is responsible for managing and implementing innovations by the international Interroll Group. Setting the pace in global innovation management, it ensures that customers can consistently make full use of their competitive advantage, thanks to high-performance solutions. Built on a culture of innovation permeating all areas of the Interroll Group, it promotes interdisciplinary research and development projects in cooperation with external partners and works on a wide range of engineering tasks. Many of these innovations are protected globally by international patents and other trademark rights.

At the IPDC, engineers lead and coordinate international innovation projects, support the Interroll Group's global competence centers with product development across all areas, and assesses the performance and reliability of technical solutions in cutting-edge test environments. Highly effective quality management ensures the recognized and certified quality of the solutions that we have developed, allowing us to meet existing legal requirements and to systematically provide for future standards when developing products.

The IPDC also carries out and manages research projects and fosters partnerships with leading universities such as RWTH Aachen University and Technical University of Munich (TU München), as well as other parties including EHEDG (the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group), and leading companies from a variety of technological fields.

Customer benefit is the linchpin

As Vice President System Innovation, Dr. Christian Ripperda is responsible for group-wide innovation management within the Interroll Group. A discussion about how to keep a company on a consistent innovation course in times of accelerating change

Stay curious!

About 30 engineers, researchers and entrepreneurial minds work together in Interroll’s Innovation Projects and Development Center near Düsseldorf.

What has started as a small workshop more than 10 years ago, is today a truly global incubator for innovation, material research, project management and technical consultancy.

Follow Siegmund Dudek, R&D Project Manager

The Interroll Magnetic Speed Controller 50 is a completely new solution to the market. It's a world's first! Our development criteria were the following: really simple, efficient, fail-safe and reliable.

Follow Siegmund Dudek, engineer at the Interroll Innovation Projects and Development Center and significantly involved in the development of the MSC 50.


Interroll Innovation GmbH

Innovation Projects and Development Center

Opelstrasse 1, 41836 Hückelhoven - Baal, Germany