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Corporate Compliance Policy 

Corporate Compliance

Comprehensive, well managed and transparent corporate compliance is an essential. With the help of a healthy culture and our compliance management, Interroll can ensure that both management and employees behave in accordance with the rules. Along with laws and regulations, the Interroll Code of Conduct is the benchmark for ethically required behavior.

Interroll’s aim is to establish and manage its corporate compliance to fulfill legal, regulatory, and contractual obligations as well as our voluntary commitments to society. We must comply with all respective laws and regulations in order to ensure that our business activities on all levels and by all entities are conducted in a socially, ecologically and economically responsible manner. Interroll’s reputation and the confidence placed in it by our business partners, shareholders and the public substantially depend on all employees behaving responsibly. All levels of management must demonstrate a high degree of ethical competence and leadership throughout the Interroll Group. This reflects our corporate culture, which is oriented toward shared values and adheres to compliance guidelines.

Corporate Compliance Policy

  • Objectives
  • Targets
  • KPIs
Objectives Targets KPIs
We have strong business ethics defined and implemented in the organization. All employees instructed in and signed Code of Conduct by 2023 % of personnel instructed in and signed Code of Conduct
We are in full compliance with laws and regulations, internal policies and directives on group and entity level. No violations of laws and regulations, internal policies and directives on group and entity level Number of violations
We have a zero tolerance policy regarding bribery, corruption, and fraud. No incidents of bribery, corruption, and fraud Number of known/reported incidents
We maintain an efficient and effective system for whistleblowing. All alleged cases reported in EQS integrity line % Ratio of cases reported in EQS Integrity Line
We manage Data Protection well on group and entity level. All entities with Data Protection management system in place % Share of entities with Data Protection in place
We ensure that policies / directives are known, trained and signed by employees All policies / directives are known, trained, and signed by employees % of signed policies / directive

Code of Conduct

Interroll’s reputation and the confidence placed in it by customers, suppliers, business partners, shareholders and the public substantially depends on all employees behaving responsibly.

Anti-Bribary and Anti-Corruption Policy

All Interroll employees are committed to complying with the provisions of this Anti-Bribery Policy, which addresses ethical business conduct and compliance with the law in detail.

Whistleblowing Policy

EQS Integrity Line

In the reporting system you can quickly and easily report concerns about actual or suspected misconduct that can affect our company or the wellbeing of people.

Sustainability Management

Our ambitious sustainability objectives are geared toward contributing to the overarching targets of international agreements and based on the systematic implementation of our holistic corporate development strategy.

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