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27. Sep 2023

Interroll introduces the new LCP AMR Top Module as an expansion to the LCP platform: A seamless solution to be combined with an autonomous mobile robot (AMR)

Sant’ Antonino, Switzerland, September 27, 2023. On pace with the ever-growing demand for autonomous material handling, Interroll has launched an innovation—the new LCP AMR Top Module—with two leading mobile robotics companies who have successfully tested this solution and have identified it as their preferred choice.

This cutting-edge solution combines Interroll’s proven Light Conveyor Platform (LCP) with an AMR. The current robotic market is evaluated with an annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 20 percent by 2027, indicating a flourishing demand for collaborative robots and the integration of robotics in diverse fields such as logistics.

With the LCP AMR Top Module technology, Interroll again demonstrates its commitment to pushing boundaries and developing new robotics products to further revolutionize the market.

The LCP AMR Top Module conveyor module enables handling of lightweight goods on the AMR and is part of Interroll’s modular LCP platform.

The LCP AMR Top Module offers a seamless interface and therefore guarantees a smooth material flow when an AMR is integrated. The end user can trust in a complete solution, the highest level of customer comfort, and an easy integration process.

Setting new standards
AMRs are used in a variety of applications in fields such as material handling, production, manufacturing and goods transportation. The robots themselves are used for repetitive, rough or dangerous setups and can operate in a variety of environments. The new solutions can be integrated very quickly and easily installed at any user site.

“This new product launch reflects our commitment to addressing industry challenges and exemplifies our dedication to providing solutions in a rapidly evolving landscape,” says Jens Struewing, Executive Vice President Products & Technology at Interroll. “Undoubtedly, our new LCP AMR Top module will set new standards for the robotics environment in which we operate.”

“Product safety, standards and proven technologies are an important element of quality, ensuring that every item meets a level of excellence that customers can rely on and therefore we have decided to partner with Interroll on this project,” adds Rasmus Smet Jensen, VP Marketing & Strategy MiR.

Efficiency, versatility, productivity
The LCP AMR Top Module is a conveyor module
which manages the flow of goods with a smooth handshake, customers can expect fast response and delivery times if an extension for their system is required. The LCP Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) consist of two elements and is part of an entire modular Light Conveyor Platform. Interroll`s conveyor top module on the AMR has been developed on the long-term standing experience with conveyors and is part of Interroll`s LCP proven solution.

“We are pleased to partner with Interroll in this business,” says Daniel Rossek, EMEA System Integrator Manager OMRON Europe. With the cutting-edge technology and adaptive capabilities, the LCP AMR Top Module will contribute to achieve new levels of efficiency, versatility and productivity.”

Moving forward, Interroll welcomes opportunities to continue advancing customers’ success by collaborating with all robotics manufacturers and system integrators who are working with such AMR solutions.

The Interroll Lifetime Service team will support system integrators and end users with the initial LCP AMR Top Module installation and throughout the solution’s complete lifetime of service. When it comes to service, Interroll’s expert service technicians are valuable source of strength, closely supporting customers worldwide. Production of the LCP AMR Top Module will start this year in Europe, with other Interroll regions to follow.

Customers and clients are invited to discover the LCP AMR Top Module first hand at the launch event planned for All About Automation in Chemnitz, Germany 27-28.09.2023. 

About Interroll
The Interroll Group is the world's leading provider of material handling solutions. The company was founded in 1959 and has been listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange since 1997. Interroll supplies system integrators and plant engineers with a comprehensive range of platform-based products and services in the categories "Rollers" (conveyor rollers), "Drives" (motors and drives for conveyor systems), "Conveyors & Sorters" (conveyors and sorters) and "Pallet Handling" (pallet conveying and storage). Interroll solutions are used in express and postal services, e-commerce, airports, food & beverage, fashion, automotive and other industries. The company counts leading brands such as Amazon, Bosch, Coca-Cola, DHL, Nestlé, Procter & Gamble, Siemens, Walmart and Zalando among its users. Headquartered in Switzerland, Interroll has a global network of 35 companies with sales of CHF 664.4 million and 2,500 employees (2022). For more information, visit:

Julia Weinhart
Head of Communications & Investor Relations
Via Gorelle 3 │ 6592 Sant'Antonino │ Switzerland
+41 91 850 25 69