In 2016, the Portuguese company Termologia carried out a business-critical modernization project for Triperu, a Lusiaves Group company, specialized in turkey processing in Lourinhã, Portugal. Cutting, sorting and packaging line operations were upgraded to achieve higher productivity.

Triperu has experienced some growing pains in recent years due to rising demand for its products. The company has seen the number of employees and machines grow and the need to adjust operations to keep pace with these developments. The internal logistics operations, in particular, needed to be optimized to reach increasing throughput requirements and guarantee timely deliveries to Triperu customers.

New conveyor systems meet the hygiene requirements of the food industry

Termologia was selected as provider to install cutting, sorting and packaging systems. The company improved Triperu’s internal logistics of the various processes by installing straight and curved gravity-operated conveyor belts. It also installed worktables, tray supports, product containers and structures for scales across the assembly line. The conveying lines designed and implemented at Triperu are based on the principles of hygienic design and are driven by Interroll stainless steel drum motors and the gravity roller conveyors use Interroll stainless steel rollers.

Less maintenance, lower costs, easier cleaning

One of the greatest challenges for Termologia was to ensure that the existing and new equipment worked simultaneously to keep production running. To guarantee this, the company carried out a study of the layout configurations, taking into consideration the key machines and other equipment with an impact on general efficiency. The result was a new, more efficient layout that requires less maintenance, has lower running costs, is easier to clean and takes up less space. As a result of the modernization, the number of manual operations fell by approximately 70 percent, allowing production processes to be continuous with less intermediate handling.

Why drum motors are better than gear motors

Termologia is an official partner of the Rolling On Interroll program of the worldwide Interroll Group. Energy efficiency, hygienic design, high product quality, reliability and low maintenance are the key reasons why Termologia relies on Interroll.

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