According to Business Monitor International, projected sales figures for the Chinese pharma industry in 2020 will be around USD 175 billion, almost tripling sales figures from 2010.  

For this fast-growing market, highly efficient and flexible systems are key and a clear trend toward increased process automation can be observed. Suppliers need to be extremely fast and reliable in the provision of customized material handling solutions. Wuxi Lion Medical Automation Technology Co., Ltd, a company specialized in the design, manufacturing and installation of automatic equipment for pharmaceutical and food industries, has established longterm partnerships with numerous leading pharmaceutical companies in China. 

Uncovering a real customer problem

Determined to be the best equipment supplier to China’s pharmaceutical industry, Wuxi Lion has made customer focus its guiding principle. From talks with many pharmaceutical companies, Wuxi Lion has realized how a presumably minor aspect in the packaging process can become a real strain for operators: the dispensing of product leaflets and/or certificates into the cartons. Pharmaceutical companies use a wide variety of product leaflets and/or certificates of different materials and dimensions. As a result, accurate dispensing of one and only one leaflet and/or certificate into a box becomes a challenge, especially at high throughput rates. 

More efficient and accurate material handling

The market demanded a reliable solution of a conveyor system that would automatically open a box, dispense a certificate and/or instruction leaflet into the box, and then seal the box, all at high speed. Wuxi Lion’s answer was the development of a fully automatic bag opening and sealing machine and leaflet dispenser, which integrates all these the functions. Equipped with 15 servo power drives, its leaflet dispenser can handle all paper leaflets or certificates below the size of an A4 paper at a speed up to 700 pieces per minute. Moreover, it features a user-friendly and easy-to-operate touch screen interface and personalized mobile alarming and counting functions. 

Automated solution prevents quality problems and recall events

Pharma operators have rated the versatility of this machine among the key benefits for their processes: in fact, they can easily increase or decrease dispensing speed in accordance with production needs, thereby guaranteeing best operational efficiency all the time. In addition, this automatic solution can significantly improve dispensing accuracy and prevent unnecessary quality problems and recall events, which is extremely important to the pharmaceutical industry. 

Advantages of the 24-volt drive technology
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Wuxi Lion is an official partner of the Rolling On Interroll program of the worldwide Interroll Group. Its innovative bag opening and sealing machines are powered by the industry-leading DC RollerDrive technology from Interroll.

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