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Based on the design of Interroll's successful Modular Conveyor Platform (MCP), the new infeed conveyor offers all the flexibility and efficiency advantages of a modular conveyor platform. For the first time, powerful and compact synchronous drum motors drive the compact infeed conveyors, eliminating the need for side-mounted geared motors. This allows a larger number of infeed conveyors to be installed under the same space conditions. Since elastic belts are used, the individual belt conveyors in the conveyor sections can be very short if required. For example, a ratio of length to width of 1:2 can be achieved, allowing high transport speeds and very small distances between the individual items to be conveyed. This also makes it possible to transport small goods.

The new infeed conveyor consists of several belt conveyors which are driven independently of each other. This makes it possible to adjust the transport speeds precisely to the requirements of the respective sorter, so that an optimum infeed rate of the conveyed goods is achieved. If, for example, several parcels are to be introduced into the flow of goods, the respective speeds can be increased or reduced in such a way that the parcels can be feeded seamlessly onto free carriers on the sorter line.

In addition to the significantly improved functionality, the new solution also offers advantages in terms of assembly and maintenance. For example, the pre-assembled belt conveyors, which are equipped with finger guard elements, can be mounted very easily and ergonomically from top. The use of elastic conveyor belts also means that regular belt tensioning is no longer necessary.

Sorter chutes

The new Magnetic Speed Controller MSC 50 provides gravity roller conveyors with significantly improved functionality, resulting in higher process reliability. Lightweight materials start up reliably, there is no need for laborious manual pushing, and employees contribute in a value-adding manner. Optimal braking of heavy materials, thereby significantly increasing safety in the workplace and preventing expensive damage to sensitive goods. With MSC 50, new installations can be planned perfectly, and existing installations can be retrofitted without any problems.