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Improvements in occupational safety necessary

Accident rates are low but not satisfactory compared to other sectors.

In 2023, a total of 40 occupational accidents (2022: 34) with more than one day’s absence from work were reported Group-wide. The Lost Time Injury Rate (LTIR) is therefore 9.0 (based on 1,000,000 working hours; 2022: 7.9). There were a total of 436 days lost in 2023 (2022: 556) due to accidents at work. Fatal accidents at work continued to be avoided. The Lost Time Injury Severity Rate (LTIR Severity), i.e. the severity of accidents at work, was 10.9 (2022: 16.4).

Occupational health and safety are components of our ESG management. They vary depending on the unit and location, but are subject to strict regulatory requirements. Occupational health and safety management in accordance with ISO 45001 has already been implemented and certified for our unit in Spain and at our Swiss Center of Excellence in Sant’Antonino.