The year 2022 was characterized by the consequences of the war in Ukraine, the zero-COVID strategy in China, very high inflation rates worldwide and globally orchestrated key interest rate adjustments.

Interroll increased sales to CHF 664.4 million (+3.8% year-on-year, +8.0% in local currencies). Order intake in 2022 is CHF 572.6 million (–27.4% year-on-year, –24.3% in local currencies).

Key Figures

in CHF millions, unless stated otherwise 20222021202020192018
Order intake/sales      
Total order intake 572.6788.4547.8546.5592.6
Rollers 126.5134.6106.0110.1108.0
Drives 211.8191.6156.5172.4170.9
Conveyors & Sorters 263.5254.0221.5223.2220.5
Pallet Handling 62.659.846.654.060.5
Total sales 664.4640.1530.6559.7559.9
EBITDA 129.3122.5115.496.193.2
in % of sales 19.519.121.717.116.6
EBIT 105.299.394.172.369.4
in % of sales 15.815.517.712.912.4
Result 82.880.671.756.051.8
in % of sales 12.512.613.510.09.3
Cash flow      
Operating cash flow 71.447.3122.999.667.4
in % of sales 10.77.423.217.812.0
Free cash flow 49.2–0.874.066.940.9
in % of sales 7.4–0.113.912.07.3
Total investments 32.551.151.333.628.6
Balance sheet (as at 31.12.)      
Total assets 545.9538.5468.8435.1417.6
Goodwill 16.416.716.417.117.3
Net financial assets 70.846.192.276.952.0
Equity 394.2345.4312.0304.0284.8
Equity ratio (equity in % of total assets)
Return on equity yield (in %) 22.424.523.319.019.0
Other key figures      
RONA (return on net assets in %) 24.525.430.422.620.9
Average number of employees (FTE) 2,5002,4212,2062,2842,198
Sales per employee (in CHF thousands) 266264241245255
Productivity (added value / total personnel expenses)

Interroll uses alternative performance figures. These alternative performance figures can be found on the ­Interroll homepage under “Investor Relations” (


Financial statements of
the Interroll Group (PDF)


Financial statements of
­Interroll Holding AG (PDF)

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