With a solid order intake in the first half of 2023, Interroll defended its market position despite lower sales and we continued to build on our strengths.

Interroll was able to generate an order intake of CHF 301.9 million (–0.8% year-on-year, +4.3% in local currency) for the first half year 2023. The Sales amounted to CHF 256.2 million (–17.6% year-on-year, –13.5% in local currency), impacted by destocking from our product customers, especially in EMEA.

Key Figures

in CHF millions, unless otherwise indicated 01.01.–30.06.202301.01.–30.06.2022Change in %
Incoming orders/sales    
Total incoming orders 301.9304.4–0.8
Rollers 54.470.9–22.8
Drives 88.8110.2–19.4
Conveyors & Sorters 94.396.8–3.0
Pallet Handling 18.732.9–43.3
Total sales 256.2310.9–17.6
EBITDA 39.952.4–23.9
in % of sales 15.616.9 
EBIT 28.740.8–29.7
in % of sales 11.213.1 
Result 22.033.1–33.5
in % of sales 8.610.6 
Cash flow    
Operating cash flow 75.21.26166.7
in % of sales 29.40.4 
Free cash flow 60.0–7.2933.3
in % of sales 23.4–2.3 
Total investments 17.112.437.9
Balance sheet 30.06.202331.12.2022 
Total assets 550.9545.90.9
Goodwill 16.116.4–1.8
Net financial assets 109.170.854.1
Equity 390.4394.2–1.0
Equity ratio (equity in % of assets) 70.972.2 
Return on equity (in %) 11.222.4–70.4
Other key figures    
RONA (return on net assets, in %) 30.224.5–15.2
Average number of employees (FTE) 2,372.02,566.0–7.6
Sales per employee (in CHF thousands) 216242–10.9
Productivity (added value / total personnel expenses) 2.002.09–4.3

Interroll uses alternative performance figures. These alternative performance figures can be found on the Interroll homepage under
Investor Relations (www.interroll.com).


Interim financial statements of
the Interroll group (PDF)

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