Interroll on the capital market

The Interroll share on the rise

With a closing price of CHF 2,670.00 on December 29, 2023, the Interroll share was 13.6% higher than the year-end price in 2022 (CHF 2,350.00).

Interroll therefore significantly outperformed the Swiss indices. The Group’s market capitalization exceeded CHF 2.2 billion.

Investor information

Interroll share information 20232022202120202019
Number of registered shares 854,000854,000854,000854,000854,000
Number of weighted average shares outstanding 822,815820,369821,800834,532840,246
Number of shares outstanding at 31.12. 824,082821,065819,206825,380837,441
Share price highCHF3,380.004,290.004,795.002,785.002,540.00
Share price lowCHF2,245.001,764.002,475.001,160.001,980.00
Year-end share price at 31.12.CHF2,670.002,350.004,105.002,695.002,175.00
Market capitalization at 31.12.CHF million2,200.301,929.503,362.842,224.401,821.43
Par value at 31.12.CHF1.
Earnings per registered shareCHF77.6996.9494.3884.0165.61
Payout ratio per registered share%41.1933.0132.8532.1434.29
P/E ratio 34.3724.2443.5032.0833.15
Cash flow per registered shareCHF131.1257.5955.31143.96116.65
Equity per registered share at 31.12.CHF481.05461.58404.48365.33356.00

IPO: 1997 | Stock exchange: SIX Swiss Exchange |
Market segment: Main Standard | Index: SPI® TR |
ISIN: CH0006372897 | Security identification symbol: INRN |
Security identification number: 637289

Shareholder structure 31.12.2023


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