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Ultra Hygienic Transfer

Enjoy Your Meal

The brand-new Ultra Hygienic Transfer (UHT) is a disruptive innovation by Interroll specifically designed for the poultry industry. It reduces the amount of debris in the area of automized cutting and slicing by up to 85 percent. This leads to a germ load reduction in the whole process chain. 

“With Interroll’s Ultra Hygienic Transfer less residue gets transferred to the following conveyor system.”

Micarna Group


- Highly specialized for the poultry food industry

- Reduces food waste

- Less water consumption

- Enables shorter cleaning times, Longer equipment lifetime, Baskets can be removed or inserted toolless

- Basket design is open, to ensure that residue can fall through the basket

- Two spray bars clean the baskets with water and disinfection

- Third spray bar cleans the basket rollers in the guideway with water Basket cleaning Guideway cleaning


- 85% of residue will be not transferred

- Less visual debris on belt conveyors 

- Less cross contaminations

- Lower need of chemicals 

- Speed of the UHT can be synchronized 

- The triangle basket shape, forms a large surface in the area below the cut up for safe collecting of all meat parts.

- All materials are food grade and EHEDG design rules 

Technical Data

- Includes the VFD for the drum motor and the control unit for the CIP system

- The CIP system will be feed autarkic from a water and a disinfection tank.

- Water consumption <10 Litres / day

- No external water supply needed.

- Main switch allows Lock out tag out

- Mains supply: 400V/ 460V; 50Hz/ 60Hz


Height Adjustable

 1,000 - 1,400 mm

Protection Collar

Around Adjustable Part

Alternative Mount Clamping