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12. Jul 2018

Optimum use of space thanks to vertical conveying

Flexibility and space savings are the trump cards when it comes to material flow: In production, warehouses and distribution, goods with wide varieties of quantities, packaging, sizes and weights have to be moved. An important performance factor is therefore to be prepared for the most diverse material flow requirements. For cases in which goods regularly also have to be moved upward or downward, a conveyor that is as flexible as possible and that works vertically is essential.

Interroll has now added one of these conveyor modules to its proven MCP.

"For our customers — system integrators and plant manufacturers — expanding our range translates into making it significantly easier to plan and implement ambitious material flow solutions," said to Florian Kley, the responsible Global Product Manager at Interroll. "Thanks to our new Spiral Lift, we are able to make our module portfolio complete and therefore allow our customers to construct a conveying line that also works vertically — all from a single source."

Simple planning and implementation

The transition points for the material to be transported between the Spiral Lift and other conveying modules are pre-coordinated at the factory. This integrated solution avoids additional design effort and faults in the material flow, and guarantees efficiency and operational reliability.

The new Interroll Spiral Lift can be used wherever MCP conveyors are planned or are already being used. However, this spiral conveyor can also be used as a stand-alone solution. It is suitable for conveying all goods for which the other elements of the MCP conveyor platform have already been designed (i.e. for cartons, boxes or bags of different shapes and sizes). One distinctive characteristic of the Spiral Lift is its extremely small footprint, guaranteeing optimum use of the space even in the case of retrofit projects.

Quiet and energy-saving operation

Developed by the Interroll Research Center (IRC) in Hückelhoven-Baal, Germany, the vertical conveyor has been tested in continuous operation under the highest performance demands, with the focus on maximum efficiency and reliability, as well as operational reliability.

Slide segments are used to transport the material to be conveyed and these are precisely driven via a chain. Sealed and rubber-mounted ball bearings guarantee particularly quiet and energy-saving operation here.

Focusing on work safety

Since the slide sections also overlap in the bends, there is no gap into which smaller objects can slide, for example, or cause injuries to the operator. The underside of the Spiral Lift is completely closed. This means that there are no dangerous contact points and ensures compliance with the highest of work safety standards. In addition to this passive accident prevention, the Spiral Lift also impresses thanks to its particularly low noise emissions.

The bridgeable height between the inward and outward transfer points, whose position can be selected in 45-degree increments, is a maximum of four meters if a drive is being used. Depending on the required power, the Spiral Lift can be driven by a gear or drum motor, as an option, whereby transport speeds of 0.1 to 0.5 metres per second can be achieved. The Spiral Lift from Interroll is initially being introduced with a transport width of 500 millimetres and a maximum load-bearing capacity of 30 kilograms per meter; additional sizes and versions will follow.