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CoE Conveyors
Mosbach, Germany

Extensive expertise with conveyors

The Interroll Center of Excellence in Mosbach (Obrigheim site, Germany) focuses on a range of conveyors used in both unit handling and pallet handling. These include roller conveyors such as the Modular Conveyor Platform (MCP) and the Modular Pallet Conveyor Platform (MPP), as well as belt conveyors such as the Interroll Belt Curve. In the future, the Smart Pallet Mover (SPM), which is designed as a flexible and modular pallet management system, will also be produced at the Mosbach plant.

In these product areas, Interroll Conveyor GmbH is responsible for all technical matters within the global Interroll Group, from development and application engineering to production and support of the local Interroll companies.


Interroll Conveyor GmbH

Paul-Zumbühl-Strasse 10 - 30

74847 Obrigheim, Germany

Tel. +49 6262/9277-0

Managing Director: Reiner Thalacker