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Whether in the 48 V or 24 V version, with analogue or bus interface, these drives in three power levels enable you to meet virtually any customer requirement. 

RollerDrive EC5000

Interroll found the perfect balance between innovation and practicality: even if it’s a brand-new motor roller, the RollerDrive EC5000 is backwards-compatible with the current controls and power supplies. It is going to be extremely easy for you to retrofit your existing system and upgrade it with our new solutions. In no time you will have a conveyor system that’s faster, stronger, and more efficient. What’s more, it will be ready to provide loads of data like running time and status information to your digital systems to help you plan your maintenance schedule.

The RollerDrive EC5000 has been tested millions of times in different applications at various ambient temperatures. This guarantees extreme reliability and durability in the most types of environments. A real proven product!


Economical solutions with 48 V

The DC platform’s new capabilities of producing effective zero-pressure-accumulation (ZPA) conveyor solutions are apparent from the electrical voltage alone: With its 48 V technology, Interroll is capitalizing on the technical evolution taking place in protective extra-low voltage solutions. 48 V systems facilitate the use of up to 50 percent fewer power units than 24 V systems; they allow for longer cable lengths and smaller wire cross sections and reduce the number of error sources, for instance as a result of voltage drops on the wires. This significantly reduces the investment required in the entire system and the risk of errors during commissioning.


Conveyor systems now offer data transparency for the first time. The EC5000 with the bus interface allows users to constantly obtain data on performance as well as information on the number of cycles or operating hours. This means users can precisely analyze how well and, above all, for how long our products are working. The EC5000 will remain available with the long-proven analog interface. However, the bus interface based on the CANOpen standard opens the door to the world of fully automated Industry 4.0 functionality.



The bus interface of the new RollerDrive EC5000 can do much more than just transmit operating data. It enables completely new control functions, such as those needed in automation environments. This communication link not only enables users to more accurately control the acceleration, speed and braking of the materials being conveyed, but also to position the product on the conveyor with millimeter precision – essential for seamless integration with robots or automated gripper arms.



As the most extensive range of motor rollers on the market, this series has the ideal drive to suit the requirements of any conveyor system. 20 W variant: Cost-efficient conveyor solution for moving lightweight materials or empty trays. 35 W variant: Covers the majority of tray conveyor applications and is compatible with its well-established predecessor, the EC310. 50 W variant: The perfect choice for conveying heavy materials of up to 250 kg; also available with a diameter of 60 mm.



EC 5000

ø 50 mm, cylindrical, IP54, for 0 to +40 °C

EC 5000

ø 50 mm, cylindrical, IP54, for -30° to 0 °C


ø 50 mm, tapered, IP54, for 0 to 40 °C


ø 50 mm, tapered, IP54, for -30° to 0 °C

EC 5000

ø 50 mm, cylindrical, IP66, for 0 to +40 °C

EC 5000

ø 60 mm, cylindrical, IP54, for 0 to +40 °C

RollerDrive EC5000 for thousands of applications

As the most extensive range of motor rollers on the market, Interroll RollerDrive EC5000 is the ideal drive to suit the requirements of any conveyor system.