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The picking of goods is part of the daily processes in a warehouse. Interroll's proven solutions for material flow and order processing for light goods are compact, flexible and easy to install. Carton Wheel Flow is the ideal solution for unit loads with flat and solid undersides. Carton Version Flow is particularly suitable for storage and order picking of cartons and totes of different sizes.


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Using gravity in logistics and distribution requires experience, engineering and expertise, which we have gained over the years in thousands of flow storage installations. Interroll's proven solution for material handling and order processing for light loads is compact, flexible in use and easy to install.

When it comes to the planning of commissioning lines, you can save time and space with Interroll Carton Flow Solutions. Time savings result from easy installation, but also during the operation, since the walking distance is reduced. Additionally, more articles can be picked from one rack in comparison to the picking process from pallet shelving. 


Learn more how the Carton Flow solution saves time and space, and increases the number of picking references from one rack.  

Time Savings

Reduction up to 40%


Space Savings

Reduction up to 13%


More Articles

Up to 19 extra products to be taken


Interroll Carton Flow

Save 30% on mounting time

Easy and quick installation thanks to clipless mounting and fewer parts to fix. With the availability of various unloading types, the Interroll Carton Wheel Flow allows highest picking rates in an ergonomic way and a fast return on investment.