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Improve the flexibility of your picking process

Carton Versi Flow
Efficient and error-free picking processes

Picking goods is part of the daily routine in a warehouse. Various systems are available to simplify and optimize the job when it comes to goods of the same size. However, when cartons and containers of different sizes must be stored and picked, Carton Versi Flow is the best solution.

While the shelves are loaded on the feed side, goods are simultaneously removed on the output side. This assures an efficient and error-free picking process. Interroll Carton Versi Flow guarantees quick access to the items and ergonomically improved storage and output of goods at operating temperatures between -30°C and +45°C.

Carton Versi Flow also fits perfectly into existing shelving systems – the continuous modules with aluminum brackets are compatible with all common rack crossbars and enables a very high density storage with up to 90% space utilization.

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Your Benefits

  • Flexibility: For applications where dimensions and weights of goods vary. Ideal for seasonal order processing.
  • Flowability: Large diameter polycarbonate wheels assure easy flowability of goods with soft or dump bottom.
  • Compatibility: Easy installation into any beam shape thanks to the loading/unloading beam connectors.
  • Simple retrofitting: Ideal solution for retrofitting into existing raking, suitable for all common support beams.
  • Permeability: Carton Versi Flow modules are fully “open” to allow dust, pieces of carton or other debris to go through the wheels without influencing flowability.
  • Fast assembly: No special tools or costly time is required. Carton Versi Flow modules are delivered ready to be put between beams.
  • Ergonomic operation: Goods are always available at the pick face to minimize the operator fatigue.
  • Maintenance free