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Benefit from the advantages of proven decentralized control solution: The powerful Interroll MultiControl can now also be used to control conveyor modules of the Modular Pallet Conveyor Platform (MPP). Depending on the application, 400-volt (400V) and 24-volt/48-volt (24V/48V) drives can be controlled easily with or without use of the programmable logic controller (PLC). This significantly reduces the planning and installation effort for material flow projects. 

Decentralized Control
for Pallet Handling

It has been never easier to control pallet conveyors!

Interroll Pallet Conveyor Platform (MPP) offers a wide range of conveyor modules to meet your application requirements and can be controlled by one and the same modular control solution.

  • For pallet weights of up to 250 kg, we recommend using roller conveyors with an energy efficient and compact 24/48V RollerDrive.
  • For heavy loads and to meet the need for zone conveyors, the roller conveyors with an 400V Pallet Drive are the best solution.
  • When higher throughput, chain conveyor, transfer or turntable is needed, we offer conveyors with efficient 400V gear motors. 

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Save time and effort on PLC programming

The decentralized control solution is not just easy to install and operate. You can avoid the time and effort associated with expensive and time-consuming PLC programming, as the pallet conveyors can use the logic from the smart MultiControl.

Automatic mode, no PLC

  • Simple Layout
  • Logic from MultiControl
  • Predefined travel directions

Automatic mode with PLC

  • Complex Layout
  • Logic from MultiControl
  • Travel decisions from PLC

Safe operation and easy maintenance 

We left nothing to chance. A high safety level for the complete conveyor and control solution is implemented to provide you piece of mind. To meet safety regulations, we offer a switch cabinet with electrically safe devices to handle 400 volts.

Thanks to the manual mode, you can always intervene and easily maintain the system. Troubleshooting is quick: for example, when a pallet is stuck, individual motors can be selected and reversed to easily free the pallet.


  • Safe and controlled start of the conveyor system
  • No automatic restart in case of emergency stop
  • Manual mode for troubleshooting and maintenance


  • Individual control of every drive
  • Performance tests in case of replacements
  • Simple troubleshooting

Discover how easy it is to implement a decentralized control solution for your pallet flow!

Pallet Conveyors with 24/48V RollerDrive

If pallet handling is managed with conveyors with 24/48V RollerDrive, there is only one simple way to control it. Proven in thousands of applications, the Interroll MultiControl allows you to easily control and operate conveyors in zero-pressure-accumulation mode. All the logic for conveyor is provided by the smart MultiControl.

Pallet Conveyors with 400V Pallet Drive

If pallet handling is managed with conveyors with 400V Pallet Drive, the combination of the Interroll MultiControl and Interroll Pallet Control allows you easy to control and operate in zero-pressure-accumulation mode. The Pallet Control serves as a link between the 400V AC Pallet Drive, pallet conveyor and 24/48V MultiControl, which provides the complete logic. 

Pallet Conveyors with 400V gear motors

If pallet handling is managed with conveyors with 400V gear motor, the combination of the Interroll MultiControl and Interroll Pallet Control allows you easy to control the flow of pallets. The Pallet Control serves as a link between the 400V gear motor and 24/48 V MultiControl, which provides the complete logic.

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