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Legal Notices and Terms

The website(s) and app(s) made available under,, and/or any national site (e.g.,,, etc.) and other interroll domains (hereinafter "websites") are provided and operated by Interroll (Schweiz) AG (hereinafter "Interroll", "we", "us").

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Legal Notices (Imprint, Impressum)

This website is made available by:

Interroll (Schweiz) AG
Via Gorelle 3
6592 Sant'Antonino

Phone: +41 91 850 2525

Gestione del gruppo: Ingo Steinkrüger (CEO)

Registro Commerciale: Commercial Registry Office of the canton of Ticino, Switzerland. Registry Number CH-500.3.004.218-8

Ufficio Registrato: 6592 Sant'Antonino

Capitale sociale: Swiss Aktiengesellschaft with a capital stock of CHF 5,000,000 as of 24.06.1999.

Numero di identificazione IVA (CH): CHE-116.295.681 IVA

Direttore della pubblicazione: Jens Karolyi

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