Retrofit for Space Utilization – Optimization of Existing Buildings instead of new Construction

According to experts, the modernization of automated warehouses can open up optimization potentials of up to 30 percent by improving stock availability and reducing personnel costs for warehouse operators.

The Procter & Gamble production site Crailsheim near Stuttgart successfully implemented as a part of a Retrofit project at the distribution center a pallet roller flow system and thus expanded the site to become a central distribution center for operations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Even here, measurable improvements of approximately 35 percent were achieved. To speed up the flow of goods and increase the storage filling ratio significantly, the previous pallet and selfpropelled racks have been replaced by the dynamic storage technology of Mecalux/ Interroll.

In the conflict between economy and ecology, retrofit projects offer a variety of options that can be implemented at short notice according to the requirements of resource efficiency and optimum use of time, space, staff, materials and energy. Interroll offers system integrators, system builders and planners a complete range of services of key products for their internal logistics from one source – from project planning and support in strategic questions to technical assistance and quick installation and implementation. Thus, Retrofit projects with Interroll solutions achieve long-term and sustainable plant modernization at low total costs.

Flow Storage

The compact spaceand energy-efficient storage blocks store the goods according to type and the concept of “first in, first out” in gravity-driven flow channels at channel depths of six Euro pallets. To improve the flow of goods, pallets are already dynamically stored upon arrival and at the tour deployment in the shipping area. The Interroll flow storage modules integrated in the flow channels with a four percent grade make use of gravity and let the pallets roll energy neutral and on track from the loading to the unloading side.

Safe costs in the long run: with flow storage systems