From conveying goods to sorting and storing, Interroll has the right answer when it comes to the needs of the food sector.

What’s more, thanks to their superior reliability and accuracy, Interroll products will help you grow your business by reducing costs and increasing productivity at the same time.

Interroll offers outstanding solutions for logistics thanks to dedicated core technologies and products for food processing.

But Food Industry does not only mean food processing! There’s a whole lot of food related applications that still require compliance with hygienic standards but put more emphasis on things like high throughput, global availability and low maintenance.

Gastronome (poultry processing, France)

The company aimed to secure the future of the entire sorting system. The objective was clear – the throughput would need to double, while increasing overall system performance.

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Gruyère cheese – Fromco SA

The resistant drum motors from Interroll play their role in the automated conveying process.

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Danish Crown

Around 85% of pigs farmed in Denmark, one of Europe's major pork exporters, are slaughtered and subsequently marketed by European market leader Danish Crown.

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Nestlé Deutschland AG

The food products industry requires the highest standards of hygiene and safety in all production processes.

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G. Mondini

More than 20,000 drum motors from Interroll in use.

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Fast, fresh, fantastic service: this is the recipe chosen by when it comes to serving a rapidly expanding customer base in Poland.

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