Superior sortation accuracy, high throughputs (from 2,000 items up to 16,000 per hour) and low operating costs are just a few of the many features of this outstanding device. On top of that, ease of use and high availability provide our customers with peace of mind: they know Interroll is someone they can trust and rely on.

Fail-Safe Sortation Performance

The worldwide flow of goods sees millions of goods on the move each day. An increasing number of diverse, individual order-picks have to reach the right person at the right time. Postal and courier services worldwide rely on Interroll Crossbelt Sorters and conveyor modules to increase the productivity of their logistics chain.

In light of the fact that along with order picking, sorting is the most cost-intensive area of logistics, Interroll sortation technology brings solid benefits to large central hubs and smaller regional DCs alike:

  • highly economical operation, even for low throughputs starting at 2,000 items/hour
  • scalable to future growth and new infrastructure
  • maximum availability of easy-to-operate sorters with fail-safe mechanical design

The Swiss Post operates Interroll Crossbelt Sorters in its three reorganised hubs: a space-saving double sorter in Zürich serves 250 destinations, running 24/7 with a working environment-friendly noise level of max. 72 dB only.

Itella uses our sorters in four centres to distribute daily mail in Finland. The company attaches "great importance to a simple, technically proven solution with minimal maintenance, particularly in terms of the total cost of ownership." China Post opted for the Interroll solution because of its "superior energy efficiency with low-maintenance operation". UPS streamlined processes with sorters in the USA. DPD in Cologne, Germany, confirms that even the smallest packages "are guided through the system without incident". DHL sorts up to 6,000 returns per day for the teleshopping channel HSE24.

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