University Hospital Zurich (USZ): Automated small parts warehouse
The University Hospital Zurich benefits from an automated small-parts warehouse with zero pressure accumulation roller conveyor.

An innovative overall solution in the field of intralogistics and automation: Ansorix, a Swiss general supplier for fully automated intralogistics systems, has developed an automated small-parts warehouse for the University Hospital Zurich (USZ).

With 44 clinics and institutes, the University Hospital Zurich offers comprehensive and individual medical care across all disciplines. To meet future demand, a new, individually tailored storage system was needed. The focus was not only on efficient processes, but also on lowering operating costs. The new intralogistics infrastructure should also be modular and easily expandable if required. 

Zero pressure accumulation roller conveyors

The solution is based on roller conveyors that operate on zero pressure accumulation. These roller conveyors are part of the Interroll's Modular Conveyor Platform (MCP). For the supply of goods and logistics services, the small-parts warehouse designed and implemented by Ansorix forms the heart of a new logistics and service center - for a smooth supply of goods and logistics services to the university hospital.  

When it came to storage technology, Ansorix chose Kaufmann Systems AG, which is based in Hitzkirch near Lucerne (Switzerland). Both companies are partners of the Interroll Group's global Rolling On Interroll program. The good experience gained in other projects was also decisive. 

Motorized roller RollerDrive

The new warehouse has a capacity of 3,024 containers per stacker crane. The modular conveyor platform with integrated DC RollerDrive enables the various containers to be conveyed without accumulation pressure. After they have been removed from the free-standing storage racks, the containers are fed to the four order-picking stations - each of which, in addition to feeding the product containers out of the warehouse, also has empty and picked containers. Empty containers for filling are fed in via two further conveyors.  

Plug-and-play conveyor system

For the project at Zurich University Hospital, Interroll's modular conveyor system is the central link between the small-parts warehouse and the order picking stations - and in future it will also be flexibly expandable thanks to the plug-and-play modular system. A particularly energy-efficient overall solution with integrated DC RollerDrive, which is easy to control and can also be operated according to needs.

Advantages of the 24-volt drive technology

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