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Numerous key products from Interroll ensure a perfect, fault-free operation.

At the logistics center in Campogalliano (MO), with over 40,000 square meters of warehouses, Transmec led the logistical process for Cellular Italia into becoming a distribution platform that directly served the Italian and European markets.

Increasing demand requires re-organization of warehousing

But increasing demand required a re-organization of the warehouse, a complete revision of the layout and the processes along the entire logistics chain. The primary objective was to ensure a higher quality of service, increased productivity and a lower level of error.

Six thousand square meters of the Campogalliano platform have been completely reconfigured. Half of the surface area is used for intensive storage of goods, with traditional double-sided shelves, while the remaining 3,000 square meters are a picking area equipped with single-sided shelves as well as live storage lines with pick-to-light equipment and an automated handling system directed to the packaging lines.

The outbound is divided into two main zones: one channel for ready-to-ship items, which ensures the transport of entire packages mainly for the foreign market, and the channel for picking loose pieces. The latter is divided into two zones: picking of high-rotation items and RF picking for low-rotation items. The Incas WMS Easystor Software provides for the calculation of the volume impact of orders and splits them by type. When picking has been completed, the package is conveyed onto the roller machine to the packaging lines, where it is weighed, taped, strapped and labeled.

Conveyor system without any goods recirculation

From the beginning, the project has been directed with precisely defined objectives, which were achieved with the solution implemented: greater flexibility, better performance, high potential and zero errors. The new flow configuration has revolutionized picking activities: The time once used to move goods has now become productive hours. Thanks to longer, zero pressure accumulation conveyor belts, the real flows (i.e. flows that are not constant) can be managed with the handling system over the entire work time and without any goods recirculation.

Additionally, the software dynamically modulates, balances and optimizes the work load in the picking bay, according to requirements. This means that the logistics structure is not only a valid support, but also provides new incentives for the customers: the great potential of the implemented solution offers new opportunities and new impetus to even more ambitious targets.

Accordingly, Incas S.p.A., the systems integrator for this project, chose the trusted products of Interroll to implement this project: conveyor rollers, 24V RollerDrive, belt and roller conveyors, accessories and appropriate controls. Product quality, delivery times, and the support from the Interroll team in Italy were the most important reasons for this decision.

Advantages of the 24-volt drive technology

The Transmec Group is a 4PL logistics company, operational in all primary markets worldwide with its 40 strategically located offices, providing all-round service. Cellular Italia, a company from the Emilia region, specializes under the brand Cellularline in the production and marketing of accessories for smartphones and tablets, which are distributed globally in more than 60 countries.

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