Roller conveyors from Pack Air Inc.
Pack Air Inc. and Interroll worked together to create off-the-shelf motor driven roller conveyors for a tissue paper customer.

Pack Air Inc. was founded in 1984 by three people who manufactured specialty equipment, sold industrial equipment, and were in charge of specifying and installing production lines throughout the consumer goods manufacturing industry.  

Each of these three founders brought a unique vision of not only what was happening in the marketplace, but where and how to improve upon it. Today, Pack Air Inc. is a second-generation family-owned business located in Neenah, Wisconsin, USA. The current facility is only a few miles from where it started over 30 years ago, but the four corner-stones on which it was built—quality, reliability, integrity and innovation—remain the same as the day the company was founded. Over the past 30 years, Pack Air Inc. has grown from a manufacturer of specialty conveyors to product handling specialists for a wide variety of consumer goods. That depth of experience, along with a strong culture of continuous improvement, drives the Pack Air team to offer unique solutions to ever-changing customer needs. 

Engineered-to-suit roller conveyors for the paper industry

One example of Pack Air Inc’s. expertise is in the converting processes of tissue paper manufacturing. The converting process typically involves various types of plastic chain and belt conveyors, diverters and other specialty devices that Pack Air Inc. manufactures. Approximately five years ago, Pack Air Inc. was approached by a tissue paper customer who was looking for an alternative solution to off-the-shelf motor driven roller (MDR) conveyors for use in the distribution side of their process. Pack Air Inc. felt it could offer a MDR product line that was engineered-to-suit, rather than being modified-to-fit at installation, and that took into account the special needs of the tissue paper industry. The real challenge to adding this new product line was to include these services while retaining Pack Air Inc.’s quality standards and remaining cost competitive with other manufacturers. 

The “Power of Promises Kept”

To do this, Pack Air Inc. needed a new partner that shared the same values. This included understanding customer needs, creating unique solutions to challenging problems, and manufacturing high-quality products. 

Pack Air Inc. President and owner Rob McCarry says: 

Interroll was able to offer the products and expertise to support this new Pack Air Inc. product line. They have continued to work with us over the last five years as technology and customer needs have evolved. Interroll fits well with our Power of Promises Kept philosophy—which sets us apart from our competitors. 

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Pack Air Inc. is an official partner of the Rolling On Interroll program of the worldwide Interroll Group. This year, Pack Air Inc. will complete deli-very of the first project in the United States to use the Interroll MultiControl card with EC310 RollerDrives.  

This system also incorporates several High Performance Divert modules as part of a larger sortation system.  

Pack Air Inc. also offers several other product lines and custom solutions that utilize Interroll products such as Drive Pulleys, Portec Curves, and various rollers for MDR, Line Shaft, CDLR and Gravity conveyors.

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