Reliable Crossbelt Sorter for Mexico's leading shoe catalog brand
A crossbelt sorter optimizes the internal logistics processes at Mexico's leading shoe retailer Andrea, reduces delivery times and minimizes error rates.

Andrea is Mexico's leading e-commerce retailer and shoe catalog brand. In order to optimize internal processes, increase the quality and precision of deliveries and shorten delivery times, Interroll and system integrator Conveyroll have implemented a high-performance material handling solution.

As part of a retrofit project, Andrea wanted to make the warehouse processes more efficient. The deadlines for deliveries to various Mexican cities also had to be optimized. A challenging task for which Interroll and Conveyroll have developed a material handling solution that now handles orders even more efficiently, checks every delivery process and thus ensures that the right product always arrives at the correct delivery address.

Crossbelt sorter with sorting loop 

A solution was developed to meet the retailers existing capacity requirements: Andrea now uses three semi-automatic induction conveyors to supply a crossbelt sorter with transport goods. The core of the system configuration is a sorting loop that can handle a total turnover of 6,000 units per hour. It is used to transport the goods to one of a total of 100 chutes installed around the loop. Through a scan tunnel, the goods are identified by a barcode attached to each article. The automatic transfer of the information to the warehouse management system then ensures that each delivery reaches the correct destination. 

Efficient e-commerce: delivery time reduced, error rate minimized

The new solution adapts perfectly to the customer's existing capacity. Andrea used to require a lot of time and effort to deliver goods as quickly as possible and with a minimum of errors. This is now different: the new conveyor system has reduced delivery times from four to seven to just two to three days. The efficiency of the material flow has tripled and the error rate has also been reduced to a minimum thanks to the cross-checking integrated into the system.

Secure material handling in the future

Another sticking point of the project was that there were only 18 months between conception and commissioning. This was a tight timeframe that Interroll and Conveyroll were able to meet thanks to their close cooperation. The new material handling solution now comprises a total of 200 terminals. It enables Andrea to serve all Mexican cities - either through its own stationary stores or through error-free direct shipping. And to enable the shoe retailer to increase capacity quickly when needed, the solution is designed to allow future changes or upgrades to be easily implemented.

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