Earlier this year, Logsys a.s. successfully completed the installation of a highly efficient material transport and picking system for an existing warehouse of Papera s.r.o., a leading provider of office supplies in the Czech Republic. Higher productivity was the customer’s ultimate goal.

Papera s.r.o. is a leading Czech provider of a wide range of supplies and equipment for offices and schools. From its national distribution center in Svitavy, the company stores, sorts and distributes about 12,000 different articles, including printers, staplers, laminators, backpacks and calendars as well as furniture such as chairs and tables, to customers throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In recent years, it has grown through acquisitions and expansion into new market segments, pushing existing operations and processes to the limit. This growth has required an investment in smart automation.

Accelerated order picking process thanks to customized conveyor system

Logsys took overall responsibility for this challenging project, presenting a material flow concept that would allow Papera to speed up its internal material handling and picking processes and increase the overall system throughout while minimizing the risk of errors. Limited space in the existing distribution center required a tailored conveying system with built-in flexibility. Logsys, a long-standing Interroll partner, designed a smart process automation concept based on the Interroll modular conveyor platform to provide the required flexibility for possible future system extensions and modification. Logsys integrated Interroll’s energy-efficient DC roller conveyors, belt conveyors and transfers. For the vertical transport of goods, it also installed an industry-leading Qimarox vertical conveyor.

New conveyor for better control

The benefits of the new systems became obvious just months after their installation: The new automation solution helped Papera optimize the available space in its existing distribution center and significantly increase through put. Due to its expertise in designing intelligent material flow systems, Logsys was able to install conveying and picking lines in a way that helps Papera better control its inventory and shipments and embrace future growth.

Advantages of the 24-volt drive technology

Logsys is an official partner of the Rolling On Interroll program of the worldwide Interroll Group. As a system integrator, Logsys requires reliable project partners and suppliers, like Interroll, to continuously meet customers’ requirements and tight delivery schedules.

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