The company, a leading overnight parcel carrier, had over 160 trunk vehicles arriving on site each night whereby the existing conveyor system was able to process 20,000 – 25,000 MailPacks and CourierPacks per evening. The company required a system that could quickly and reliably sort and transport goods to accommodate up to 92 trunk vehicles at any time so the roads in the local vicinity were kept clear. It needed to be installed directly above the existing system and increase capacity to between 15,000 and 20,000 parcels per hour when fully operational, enabling them to continue their commitment of delivering high service levels to their customers.  

Integrated sorting and conveying technology for full utilization of the conveyor system

Gavin Materials Handling (GMH Ltd) based in Swansea, Wales offer a range of bespoke material handling solutions. GMH Ltd was awarded the contract to supply a parcel sortation system which incorporated sorting and conveying technology. The system comprised of two horizontal Interroll Crossbelt sorters each with 56 sort destination chutes allocated to different depots around the UK and Ireland. For exception handling, GMH Ltd installed chutes for “No Read”, “Non allocated” and “Dump”. Each sorter has 228 carriers and runs at a speed 1.4 m/s, capable of achieving a throughput in excess of 10,000 items per hour per sorter. Two barcode reading arrays feature on each sorter which scan the label on each pack or parcel. Once the destination depot of the pack or parcel has been determined, the PLC control system tracks the parcel to the appropriate destination chute.  

Instant capacity increase thanks to turnkey sortation solution  

Based on the end user's specific requirements, GMH Ltd installed a turnkey sortation solution directly above the current system at their site in Staffordshire to avoid any disruption to production. The investment in the new system brought an immediate increase in capacity. Dermot Gavin, Managing Director of GMH Ltd. concludes:

The timescale of the project was critical, so we needed a trusted partner to ensure the system could be delivered on time and without disruption to the current operation. Interroll’s product quality and reliability were critical for our success in this challenging project.

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Gavin Materials Handling is an official partner of the Rolling On Interroll program of the worldwide Interroll Group. Powered by industry-leading Interroll drives, rollers and Crossbelt sorters, GMH’s systems are tailor-made and supplied as turnkey projects.

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