Just sitting at her desk every day - that's not Antje Klauke's cup of tea: In Wermelskirchen she manages the production line for the RollerDrive, a motorized roller. Over the last 30 years she has accomplished quite a lot. 

104 seconds: That's how long it takes Antje Klauke to finish assembling a single RollerDrive. Interroll's most powerful roller, with an extra-low voltage motor and a total of 8.7 million rollers produced by 2017, can drive up to ten additional rollers. As a drive for unit load conveyor technology it is ideal for conveyors, roller curves, small belt conveyors and above all zero-pressure accumulation roller conveyors, such as those used at the airport, in warehouses or at supermarket checkouts. Wherever goods are moved, a RollerDrive has its finger in the pie. Just like Antje Klauke, who has been professionally involved with the motorized roller for a very long time.  

Production growth of the motorized roller experienced firsthand 

Interroll brought the motorized roller from Denmark to the Dabringhausen plant 18 years ago. And even back then, Antje Klauke was aware of the great potential of the motorized roller: from just 30,000 units produced each year with her colleagues, production had grown to a total of 230,000 units by 2017. During this time, both the roller and Antje Klauke have experienced many innovations and optimizations in the production. As head of the production line, Antje Klauke must not only keep an eye on smooth production, but also pay attention to the employees, support them, ensure safety and clean processes, and of course take care of organizational matters - such as writing shift schedules.  

Just don't get stale in the office  

Antje Klauke says herself,  she's not quite the office type. She knew very early on that she would rather do something more practical oriented: 37 years ago, when she was only 15 years old, Antje Klauke had her first contact with Interroll as a holiday worker. She liked the working atmosphere so much that she immediately sought a training position. But in the early 1980s this was still difficult: Since there were no changing rooms for women in the large industrial companies at that time, there were no training positions available for them either. Antje Klauke first decided to train as a hotel manager before hiring again at Interroll immediately afterwards.

Success factors: personal commitment and unconditional will  

It was no problem that she started out unskilled at the time. Even today, the own will and personal commitment are strong virtues that eclipse many other qualifications, says production manager Ralf Dorok. Antje Klauke first started in production, then moved to the high-bay warehouse and finally ended up in assembly. When the RollerDrive came to Dabringhausen, Antje Klauke also switched to the new production line. At that time, when three employees were still working on a roller at the same time, the process was still prone to errors. But that belongs to the past: Today, the motorized roller is manufactured in six clearly defined steps, and it is always the same employee following the roller from the beginning to the end. A machine takes over a large part of the production: it assembles, presses and controls. And before the roller makes its long journey all over the world to the customer, it is extensively tested according to a protocol. Antje Klauke is proud to contribute to Interroll's success.

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