Caroline Anderson, CEO of EMVE Sweden AB
Caroline Anderson, CEO of EMVE Sweden AB

When we buy potatoes in a supermarket or eat them as French fries in a restaurant, they have undergone a series of transformations and specific process steps. In order to make sure the quality, shape and taste of their products are impeccable, farmers make more and more use of sophisticated machinery for product sorting, washing and packing. Hygienic requirements are severe and represent a prerequisite for success for any player in this market.  

Machines from EMVE – in use all over the world

EMVE Sweden AB is a specialist who for an entire century has delivered high-quality machines for handling of potatoes, vegetables and fruit. Back in 1916, Edvin Andersson started servicing local farmers and their machines and soon after founding the company, he started to design and manufacture his own machines. Today, three generations later, EMVE machines are found virtually all over the world and are designed for a wide range of applications. The company delivers equipment for grading, washing, silo buffering and sampling, through to packaging and palletizing and is renowned for its product quality and reliability in Scandinavia and beyond. 

Over the past century, the company has grown in a sustainable way, focusing on customer needs and supplying excellent products and customer service. Since a couple of years, Caroline Andersson has taken the helm from her father Bengt, who remains Chairman of the Board, and now runs the company. “It is extremely exciting to take the company into a new century. The challenges are many and competition is tough but at the same time, we see a lot of new opportunities out there.” states Caroline. One of them is definitely the company’s expansion into new geographical markets. “We are still a small company but there is a number of interesting markets where we can grow. One of them is the U.S. market, which has an enormous potential for EMVE. While there are specific local requirements, we are sure that our technology will be appreciated by customers.” Caroline concludes. 

EMVE machines are now “Rolling On Interroll”

Based on a long-standing, successful business relationship, EMVE and Interroll share the same beliefs and convictions regarding product quality and innovation. This was the basis for both companies to mutually agree that from now on all EMVE machines using Interroll’s drum motor technology should bear the Rolling On Interroll quality seal. Caroline Andersson explains:  
Zitat: “For our customers, it’s important to know that we use cutting-edge technology in our machines. At the same time, it’s beneficial for EMVE to be part of the international Rolling On Interroll community. So, a real win-win, I’d say!”.  

Why drum motors are better than gear motors

EMVE is an official partner of the Rolling On Interroll program of the worldwide Interroll Group. For its high-quality machines, EMVE relies on Interroll drum motors as compact, energy-efficient and hygienic drive technology.

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