ADM Galicia, a process engineering specialist in the food industry, has successfully implemented an automation solution for fish and seafood processing lines at Brasmar Portugal, a leading European company in the frozen fish and seafood processing sector.

The expansion of Brasmar’s processing plant installation in Trofer, Portugal, was started in 2013 to address the need for a significant capacity increase that could satisfy the growing demand for Brasmar products. The company’s large product range made a high level of flexibility in the production lines a prerequisite for success. The Brasmar production plant currently processes 10,000 tons of fish and seafood per month in a 15,000 m2 industrial area and 40,000 m3 refrigerated area. The entire process is carried out under the strictest standards of hygiene and food safety, ensuring the traceability of the product.

New processing plant for production increases

ADM Galicia, due to its vast experience and knowledge in the seafood sector has been selected to design and implement the required process automation solution for Brasmar. The ADM team designed the complete processing plant from the time the fish is received to the packaging and palletizing of the finished product. One of the key challenges was the required scalability of the new system, as production increases would need to be possible without any changeover of the current lines. ADM installed glazing, packaging, fish cutting and also dosing lines. All conveyor belts, as well as the glazing machines, were operated using Interroll  drum motors, selected for their high hygienic design and water tightness and Interroll gravity rollers were mounted in the conveyors.  

Significant energy efficiency thanks to drum motors

Thanks to the new plant design and layout with its in-built flexibility, Brasmar is now able to work with different products at the same time with any type of packaging format: bulk, second skin, hydrogenated, fixed weight, bag, etc. Moreover, thanks to the solution proposed by ADM that included energy-efficient drum motors as drive technology for the installed belt conveyors, the customer could achieve significant annual savings in energy consumption.

Why drum motors are better than gear motors

ADM is an official partner of the Rolling On Interroll program of the worldwide Interroll Group. For its projects, ADM relies on the product quality of interroll drum motors and  conveyor rollers for their reliability, hygiene and low maintenance.

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