Synchronous Drum Motor
Interroll synchronous drum motor in food processing.

Brescia in northern Italy is the country's third-largest industrial site. This is where G. Mondini S.p.A., worldwide leader in the food packaging sector is located. The company is a long-term customer of Interroll. We had a discussion with Ing. Paolo Mondini, sales manager and son of the company founder, about quality, customer requirements and permanent innovation.

The company was founded in 1968 and a lot has happened since then. Where is the company now?

Today we deliver packaging and closing machines for bakery products and sandwiches, cookies and snacks, cheese and dairy products, for poultry, beef and cold cuts, for beverages, fresh produce and ready-made meals, as well as for the medical sector and for animal feed. We can say that we took the leading position in our sector in less than half a century.

We can point to more than 8,000 lines and machines installed worldwide and have reached revenues of EUR 55 million with 135 employees. There is a subsidiary located in Great Britain and we own a company that produces moulding tools. Yes, we can say that the result is pleasing - however, we are never one hundred percent satisfied.

"We aim to grow jointly with our customers"

What are the reasons for the success of your company?

Consistent and continuous customer orientation has always been the strategy of our company. We do not want to have a mere supplier orientation, but a real partnership. We work very closely with our customers and adapt our products to their needs. In addition, we continuously try to interpret the production and technology needs of our customers and therefore we continuously offer innovations, retrofits and improvements. An existing solution can always be improved on, and we aim to grow jointly with our customers. This is, by the way, a philosophy that we also want our suppliers to embrace. We not only expect on-time and high-quality delivery, we also expect joint research and development, and the continued development of the product or individual components to satisfy our needs.

How did the cooperation with Interroll start?

Honestly, I cannot remember; I would say it has always existed. This "it has always existed" is based on something positive: Our operation is based on an extremely high quality production and the Interroll drum motors have always fulfilled the strict quality requirements of G. Mondini.

Quality and safety of Interroll Machines

Has Interroll's quality become a distinguishing characteristic of the G. Mondini machines?

During the many years of cooperation, there was never any sign of a loss in quality. The level has remained high. Our customer, who is the end user for Interroll, is reassured by the quality of these components. And the fact that Interroll is a global operation with a worldwide service also provides a sense of security. Even if the service was never required, as far as I know.

Do you have any suggestions for improvement at Interroll?

Of course, it's always possible to suggest improvements. I would, for example, like to see one aspect being further developed: Proactiveness and constructive cooperation. Until recently, Interroll delivered what was ordered, yet relationship was somewhat distant. We now have Interroll Italia, which, in a manner of speaking, has become an Italian company, not just a represented brand. I expect our relationship to provide us with customized application and change suggestions for the Interroll product. Such suggestions can only be made through a constant and direct relationship. Our research and development is an area that must be visited more by our suppliers. This is where the problems of our customers are analysed and matching solutions can be found jointly. In addition, such a dialog results in concepts and solutions that can lead to further development of the business for both companies. Here, I really put my trust in Interroll Italia.

Customized solutions for customer thanks to flexible conveyor systems

The packaging industry is currently undergoing significant change. Does this mean new challenges for G. Mondini?

We now have, for example, smaller machines for a production of 25 to 35 containers per minute, which currently work without a reduction gear.

Instead of having two such gears and a drum motor, we now install three drum motors! In addition, we have the benefit that the conveyor belt can be cleaned without problems and that it can be removed and installed easily.

Our company focuses on research and development and a good relationship with the customers. Together with our customers, we aim to deliver customized solutions that are based on the following points: a balanced price/performance ratio with flexible high-speed production lines, innovative packaging with benefits for the environment, in order to permit a longer storage time and create products with added value, and continual services for flawless tightness of our packaging independent of material and production environment, hot or cold.

We must continuously modernize and, as I said before, I count on the proximity of a supplier such as Interroll for a constant exchange. We work for international customers and for important names; good marketing could be advantageous for both of us. 

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