If you want to stay ahead in global competition, you have to translate customer needs into products with maximum added value. This is why Interroll relies on a global network of competence centers, each responsible for a specific product area. One of these is located southwest of Düsseldorf - the Center of Excellence in Hückelhoven-Baal concentrates on Drum Motors. At the same premises the Research Center of the Interroll Group is located and this is also where the training of employees, customers and partners takes place.

As each Interroll competence center concentrates on a specific product area, it is also responsible for this worldwide: for product management, research and development, production, strategic procurement and logistics, as well as technical support for local production, assembly and service companies.  

Optimized processes for synchronous drum motors

The competence center in Hückelhoven-Baal has been responsible for the development and production of the Interroll Drum Motor since 2008. The production is based on the Interroll Production System (IPS), which is modeled on the Kaizen method used by the Japanese automotive industry. The principle of continuous optimization helps Interroll to make processes more efficient, to reduce inventories, to shorten set-up times and to maintain consistently high quality for the customer. Every work step is standardized here - errors are virtually ruled out.

But let's get back to the drum motor, which made an important leap forward in development not so long ago: in April 2017, a new generation of drum motors was ready for series production in Baal - the world's most powerful synchronous drum motor for belt conveyors with a proven output of 1.1 kilowatts was born. An innovation housed in a stainless steel cylinder that is supplied in large quantities all over the world. And as business with Drum Motors continues to boom, the Interroll plant in Baal is also on course for expansion.

Our Drum Motors help system integrators and plant manufacturers all over the world to implement high-performance, energy-efficient and compact conveyor solutions,

says Dr. Hauke Tiedemann, Managing Director of Interroll Trommelmotoren GmbH in Baal, Germany.

Efficiency and hygiene benefits combined

The drum motor drives the system, can quickly stop and restart the entire system to transport heavy loads as dynamically and efficiently as possible. It can handle up to 100 start/stop operations per minute without braking or acceleration. It has twice as much power as its predecessor, drives the belts twice as fast and at the same time meets the highest hygiene requirements. The drive is made entirely of stainless steel, which means that the food and pharmaceutical industries in particular benefit from a solution that offers up to 30 percent shorter cleaning and disinfection times than traditional gear motors.  

Blended Learning Academy just around the corner

However, Baal is not only a center of development and production, but also of training and research: the Interroll Academy and the Interroll Research Center are located right next door. In the Academy, the further development of markets and technologies is accompanied by a comprehensive range of training courses for employees, partners and customers - from beginners' seminars for new employees to technical and commercial seminars and product and application training for employees and customers at various levels of experience.

In line with the company-wide motto "Inspired by efficiency", a combination of class-room-instruction and new Internet-based training methods is used: "Blended Learning" is the name of the concept, which combines the advantages of classroom training and e-learning from any location.

Research for improved material handling

At the Center of Excellence in Baal, Interroll works out the latest innovations - the Interroll Research Center (IRC) is one of the most important institutions in Germany with the aim of further expanding its innovation leadership. In cooperation with Interroll's global competence center, research is always focused on improving the intralogistics material flow - e.g. in the areas of energy efficiency, noise reduction, hygiene, development of new and innovative materials or open automation solutions with distributed intelligence.

For success not only in Baal, but also for Interroll as a whole, the promotion of its own talents and the cultivation of partnerships are decisive factors. This is why Interroll Baal offers challenging jobs for trained specialist staff, provides training, employs students in cooperation with RWTH Aachen University and Dortmund University and also gives career changers a chance. After all, it is above all the will and personal commitment of each and every employee that determine success at the end of the day.

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