The Interroll plant in Baal near Hückelhoven is expanding because the Drum Motor business continues to boom. The latest coup: The purchase of a 20,000 m2 site just next door, where the service department and the development center will be located. Next year, a new cable production will open their doors here as well - and already today, the focus is on automation: since mid-June, two fully automated robot arms have been assembling gearboxes for drum motors.

Millions invested for growth: New job opportunities are being created for personnel and machines just a few meters from the Interroll Group's Research Center in Baal. With the latter, Interroll is consistently taking the next step towards automation - especially where simple production steps are repeated.

Fully automated gearbox assembly for drum motors

In order to reliably supply the global Interroll world with gearboxes for drum motors, the machine produces a new gearbox with two automated arms every 60 seconds. However, having a fully automated assembly unit does not mean that the factory will be deserted in the future. It's just a chance to do simple tasks even more efficiently. In addition, qualified employees are needed to pick parts, fill the assembly unit and operate the computer. Consistent quality is ensured: 25 cameras take a snapshot at each work step and compare it with a database.

Cables in own production

Previously, the stainless steel processor Niro had its branch in the recently acquired space. As Niro two years ago started to concentrate their resources to their main plant not far away, Interroll rented parts of the facility straight ahead and set up conveyor technology in the production hall. Thus a total of 2,500 m2 production space and 300 m2 of office space were gained. The plan is to create space for a new cable production, that will be managed by an external supplier from Denmark. This initiative creates ten new jobs. The purpose of the new in-house production is to reliably seal the cables for the drum motors outwardly.

The expansion also benefits the increased customer requirements: the service department in Baal now has considerably more space. Customers can send their drum motors to Interroll - inspection, repair and maintenance are also carried out in Baal. And when everything is in order, sent back to the customer.

Double-digit percentage growth

Since the growth rates of the production plant are consistently good - around ten percent annually - the next considerations regard storage space and the improvement of the logistics in Baal. And this is also necessary in order to continue to meet the high demands: The products which are manufactured here are shipped all over the world and set high quality and hygiene standards for conveyor belts. The drum motors are always produced according to individual customer requirements. Thanks to a platform-strategy we can offer a high level of variety, but still do serial production.  And since June 2016 with a clear focus on increasing the level of automation in production.

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