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    The robust switching-mode power units with IP54 protection rating are installed exactly where the protective extra-low voltage is needed, rather than in the switch cabinet, allowing for much shorter cable lengths. The space-saving switching-mode power units in 24 V or 48 V have a 50 percent higher peak output and feature integrated brake chopper, automated power limit and adjustable cable protection. They can also produce an integrated analysis of the status, either via LED or a signal cable to the programmable logic controller (PLC). A switch that can be secured against being turned back on allows maintenance work to be carried out on individual sections of the conveyor while other sections are still in operation.


    Power Supplies
    For decentralised conveyor technology

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    Everything from a single source: This perfectly matched range of controls, motor rollers and power units offers a unique choice of conveying solutions – from autonomous conveyors to tailor-made high-performance systems, that can be integrated into the Industry 4.0 applications.


    Decentralised power supply

    Saves costs and reduces errors

    Interroll's IP54 rated power supplies are protected against dust and water spray. This allows them to be positioned in the immediate vicinity of products that require power, such as the Interroll MultiControl. The result is very short cables, saving costs and reducing errors due to line voltage drop. Thanks to its high overload capacity, the power supply unit is optimally adapted to the power requirements of the RollerDrive EC5000. The power supply of several RollerDrives starting simultaneously is therefore guaranteed.