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Modern conveyor systems from Interroll transport goods all over the world. As intelligent solutions, they ensure that containers or pallets are always in the right place at the right time - efficiently, safely and gently.

Efficient. Compact. Flexible.

Wheels and rollers

Depending on the customer's requirements and the intended use, rollers vary in dimensions and materials. In roller conveyors they are usually in operation around the clock and meet the highest quality requirements.


Drives for your conveyor

Compact, energy-efficient and powerful: Our drives ensure movement in the material flow.



The de-facto standard worldwide! Our motorized rollers are the heart of modern roller conveyors and enable a zero pressure accumulation flow of goods.


Drum Motors

Mission critical within belt conveyors, our compact drum motors are the energy-efficient alternative to conventional gear motors. The ideal solution to meet even the highest hygiene requirements.


Power supplies

Power supply where it is needed: Our innovative power supply units do not have to be installed in the control cabinet, but can be installed directly in the plant.



Our solutions for demand-oriented and flexible control of the flow of goods - with or without PLC programming, for container or pallet transport.


Modules for container conveyor technology

With our modular roller and belt conveyors, all common containers and conveyed goods, even PolyBags, can be transported - horizontally or vertically, flexibly and efficiently.


Modules for pallet conveyor technology

Automate the connection between goods receipt and goods issue, between warehouse, production and picking areas - with flexible expansion options.


Transfer car

Fast pallet transport: With the transfer car, even greater distances - for example in the area of distribution or the connection between warehouse and production - can be bridged quickly and reliably.


Stacker Crane

With our special flow storage carrier you realize an automatic and highly dynamic pallet turnover. For safe, efficient and orderly storage and retrieval of pallets.


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