Interroll demonstrates innovation leadership at All4Pack in Paris

Interroll demonstrates innovation leadership at All4Pack in Paris

Sant’Antonino, Switzerland, November 14, 2016. Interroll, a leading global supplier of key products and services for internal logistics, will present its new range of innovative products and solutions for the material handling industry at the All4Pack show, scheduled from November 14 to 17, 2016. At booth G110 in Hall 6, Interroll will showcase its latest product innovations designed as flexible, simple, convenient and environmentally friendly solutions to face the market challenges today—and beyond. In the spotlight: the Magnetic Speed Controller MSC 50, a tiltable Pallet Flow module and a sneak preview on Interroll’s new drum motor platform.

Paris All4Pack exhibition, the new name of the former Manutention / Emballage event, is actually one of the main meeting places for the European material handling industry, with focus on inter-relatedness of the sector’s four key business lines: packaging, processing, printing and handling. An important appointment for Interroll, a leading global supplier of key products in intralogistics, who will present its latest product innovations for a profitable storage, production and handling of goods. In addition, Interroll will demonstrate how issues such as maintenance, fast installation, noise, energy consumption, flexibility and return on investment (ROI) can be achieved with its products as key components for customized systems.

Magnetic Speed Controller MSC 50 for process reliability and great ROI

All4Pack visitors will experience Interroll’s Magnetic Speed Controller MSC 50 As an industry-first, the MSC 50 is a patented, technically and economically superior solution, offered by Interroll in response to demand for more efficient and cost-effective material handling systems.

Interroll’s Magnetic Speed Controller MSC 50 is the most cost-effective solution currently on the market for controlling the speed of boxes and plastic trays traveling on gravity roller conveyors and spirals or the end sections of sorters. Suitable for handling goods weighing between 0.5 kg and 35 kg, the innovative system ensures lightweight packages move smoothly, while limiting the speed of heavy goods traveling along the conveyor. These features make MSC 50 the perfect choice for warehousing, e-commerce, postal service, food and pharmaceutical operations, as well as for customers that use flow racks for heavy containers. In addition, the MSC 50 speed controller is easy to install and is a perfect fit for retrofitting existing gravity conveyor installations.

MCP: Interroll’s modular conveyor platform

Interroll will showcase its modular conveyor platform for material handling. The platform, which was recently recognized with an iF Design Award, an internationally renowned quality seal for outstanding design, is Interroll’s response to the challenges faced by today’s material handling and logistics professionals, and those of the future. The conveyor platform is the most important product introduction in the 55-year history of Interroll. “Operators of material handling equipment increasingly want flexibility. We have responded with a complete platform that offers complete modularity, allowing our customers to utilize all of Interroll’s most important products in a virtually unlimited number of combinations to form a complete system,” says Gilles Calvez, Managing Director Interroll France. “New systems can be planned and implemented faster, and existing systems can be easily modified to meet changing demands. This means our business partners can react quickly and best serve the changing needs of end users in the warehouse or processing plant.”

The main feature of the MCP platform is its modular design allowing users to combine all key elements of a conveying system. It can be assembled to form a complete material handling solution providing smooth product flow. The components include far more than the straight sections and curves with and without drives. The portfolio also includes diverts and merges for the sorting of goods, as well as belt conveyors for lines with steep inclines or declines. Depending on the application requirements, the conveyor modules can be equipped with various drive systems and can be combined with one another. Zero pressure accumulation conveyors can be built by using proven and extremely energy-efficient 24 volt RollerDrive units that operate without any pneumatic actuators. A 400 volt drive solution that has been optimized to handle high conveying speeds and heavy goods (up to 50 kg) completes the offering. Thanks to this modularity, Interroll can guarantee fast delivery times. The modules are mostly pre-assembled to simplify on-site installation. Independently adjustable side guides, adjustable stands, integrated crossbars for electrical conduit and universally usable spaces for attachment parts make installation even easier.

Product innovation for warehouses

When it comes to storage applications, from buffer to picking and dispatch areas, Interroll offers a wide range of products. At this year’s All4Pack, Interroll will also present a new, unique feature of its Pallet Flow products: tiltable, floor-level modules offering the operators the advantage of fast and easy floor cleaning underneath the rack structure.

“Interroll has a lot of experience in warehousing projects and we are always eager to come up with product improvements that make our customers’ lives easier,” Calves explains. “From talks with rack manufacturers and warehouse operators we’ve learned that cleaning operations must be as efficient as possible. This insight was the basis for the development of a tiltable Pallet Flow module for the floor lane, which we have already installed successfully in different warehouses. Our customers really appreciate this new feature!”

All Interroll FIFO modules of Interroll are equipped with the Time Plus safety separator, which allows easy removal of the first pallet before the next pallet rolls to the pick position. The separator is suitable for a wide range of pallet weights from 60 kg to 1200 kg and for all pallet sizes from 800 to 1200 mm in depth.

The flow storage products from Interroll are tested at the Interroll test center in La Roche sur Yon, France. After 50,000 test cycles under extreme conditions, Interroll guarantees a long service life and maximum safety.

And finally: Announcing the new platform for drum motors

As a sneak preview for all All4Pack visitors, Interroll will present its new platform for drum motors that will officially be launched early 2017. The modularity achieved with the MCP conveyor platform will now also be extended to our drum motor offering: the new platform will include drum motors with increased power, extended speed range and enhanced robustness, all benefits for our customers that will further improve the performance and availability of their machines and systems. By standardizing components and building blocks, which can all be easily combined among each other, the number of product variants available for our customers will increase. This means on the one hand that motors will be tailored even more to specific customer requirements while at the same time, delivery times will be shortened. 


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