Barcelona: Interroll sets the stage for shared growth with international Rolling On Interroll partners

Barcelona: Interroll sets the stage for shared growth with international Rolling On Interroll partners

Sant'Antonino, Switzerland/Barcelona, Spain, September 13, 2017. "Growing together" was the theme of the first Global Summit hosted by Interroll in Barcelona, September 67, 2017, within the context of its international Rolling On Interroll partner program. At the event, which was held at the El Born cultural center and the Miró Foundation in the Catalan capital, around 130 representatives from the global material handling industry discussed common growth strategies on the subjects of interaction, innovation and inspiration.

Numerous panel discussions, workshops and speeches by renowned experts such as Professor Howard H. Yu and trend expert Magnus Lindkvist ensured a lively exchange of experiences at this industry forum. In addition to current user and market trends, visitors primarily discussed the business opportunities created by Industry 4.0 and the increasing digitalization and automation of intralogistics. Over 90 percent of participants, including medium-sized plant manufacturers and system integrators from America, Asia, Africa and Europe, stated that trust-based business partnerships were extremely important for their growth strategy. The companies were optimistic about digitalization and automation, which represent further business opportunities. The participants also agreed that quality would play an important role for solutions in the digitalization and automation environment.

A shared focus on central innovation trends

Paul Zumbühl, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Interroll Group, reporting in Barcelona on his many years of management experience and industry perspective, said, "As a globally active technology leader in the material handling industry, the regular and intensive exchange of experiences with our customers and users throughout the world is an important basis for the success of our business. In Barcelona we were able to discuss the future development of the market and central innovation trends with the partners involved in our global Rolling On Interroll program. This personal exchange and the group discussions not only yielded interesting insights, but also solidified mutual trust and relationships within the Interroll community. This is an excellent starting point for sharing opportunities for growth in the future."

The Global Summit in Barcelona represented a key element in the long-term Rolling On Interroll program. With this program, Interroll supports the work of medium-sized system integrators and plant manufacturers in particular, and provides a platform for the comprehensive exchange of experiences between all partners. Since it began in March 2015, Rolling On Interroll has become a seal of quality for the industry and highlights to users throughout the world the high quality of material handling solutions that are based on key products from Interroll.

"With the Global Summit in Barcelona, which has drawn a huge response from our international partners, we have taken another important step towards establishing the Rolling On Interroll program as an exclusive industry forum. The intensive and open exchange of experiences, which went far beyond the use of concrete solutions, revealed the benefits of close business partnerships within our industry," explained Franz Schöpf, Director of the Rolling On Interroll program.

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