Ad-hoc disclosure: Interroll records significant growth once again

Ad-hoc disclosure: Interroll records significant growth once again

Sant'Antonino, Switzerland, January 21, 2019. Conveyor technology expert Interroll again experienced significant growth in the 2018 financial year: Orders received rose to CHF 592.6 million (+29.4% compared with previous year), and net sales rose to CHF 560.1 million (+24.3%). In terms of net profit margin, an above-average improvement of at least 30% is expected. The Group will start the 2019 financial year confidently with full order books.

With a record value of CHF 592.6 million, the orders received in 2018 were up 29.4% on the previous year's value (+27.9% in local currency). Thanks in part to a large order in South Korea, the Asian-Pacific region had above-average growth (+49.5%).


Boosted by a particularly strong Q3 and Q4 in 2018, net sales increased by 24.3% to a new high of CHF 560.1 million (+22.9% in local currency). The biggest growth driver is the Conveyors & Sorters product group (up 54.7% on the previous year). Interroll’s innovative platform-based solutions and services as well as a continuous and robust demand, especially from the postal, logistics and e-commerce sectors, support this positive dynamic.


In terms of net profit margin, the company anticipates an increase of at least 30% compared to the previous year.


"The above-average improvement in results can primarily be explained by the strong increase in sales, our highly disciplined cost and investment management and our globally implemented improvements in productivity," explains Daniel Bättig, Chief Financial Officer at Interroll Holding AG, adding "The Group will start the new financial year of 2019 confidently with full order books."


The full annual report for 2018 with the final audited figures will be presented at the annual results media conference on March 22, 2019 in Zurich, Switzerland.




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