Investor Relations

Interroll share data

Stock Exchange  SIX Swiss Exchange, Zürich 
Index  SPI 
Share number  637 289 
ISIN  CH0006372897 
Capitalization  854.000 
Number of shares  854.000 
Nominal value (CHF)  1,00 

Notification of voting rights

Details of the notifications of voting rights are accessible on the website of the SIX Exchange.

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How many Interroll shares are issued?
There are 854.000 Interroll Holding AG shares with a nominal value of CHF 1,00 issued

Where are the Interroll shares traded?
The Interroll shares are traded at the SIX Swiss Exchange Zurich

What is the share number and the International Securities Identification Number (ISIN)?
Share number: 637 289
ISIN: CH0006372897

What is the ticker symbol for the Interroll share?
The ticker symbol is INRN

Is the Interroll share listed in indices?
The Interroll share is listed in the SPI, SPI Extra, SPI ex SLI and Swiss All Share Index

What standard in the Interroll share listed in?
The Interroll share is listed in the Main Standard and therefore complies with the highest transparency requirements

When was the first listing of Interroll shares?
Interroll shares were listed on 5 June 1997 for the first time

Where do I find information about the share price development of the Interroll shares?
Updated share price information can be found on our homepage in the Investor Relations section.
The website of the SIX Swiss Stock Exchange also provides information of the share price development of the Interroll share: Please click here for the SIX Swiss Stock Exchange Website

According to which financial accounting standards does Interroll report?
The annual financial statements of Interroll are prepared according to the International Financial Reporting Standards.

What is the business year of Interroll?
Interroll’s business year equals the calendar year (1 January to 31 December)