From the time your bag is checked until it is reclaimed, Interroll drum motors, rollers, and conveyors are used in the luggage handling areas of countless airports on all continents. Interroll also helps you get there safely and securely – over 80% of all checkpoint scanner conveyors are powered by Interroll drum motors.

Baggage handling

Bangkok International Airport's (BKK) capacity levels are to be increased to around 100 million passengers. The essential prerequisites to accommodate this growth had to be met in one key area: baggage handling.

Interroll, thanks to the 1116 Interroll Drum Motors installed here, plays a pivotal role in the airport's operations. These Drum Motors operate at efficiency levels of up to 97%. In other words, baggage handling is performed not only with superior consistency and reliability but also extremely cost-effectively.

The single component construction of the Interroll Drum Motor allows saving space. Furthermore, the process of installing and maintaining the Drum Motors is considerably faster than in the case of conventional drives, and we all know time is money!

Space savings and efficiency in the luggage handling process were also a concern at Atatürk International Airport in Istanbul. With total passenger traffic of more than 37 million for the year 2011, it is one of the busiest airports in Europe.

When facing the challenge of baggage delivery, the Interroll Belt Curves had a vital role to play. Maintenance-free, cost-efficient and durable, they proved to be a great fit for such a busy airport.

Another significant example of fruitful cooperation between Interroll and the airport baggage and cargo handling industry can be found at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

The challenge lay in the conception, design, manufacture and supply of a large number of specialty conveyors to carry cargo weighing up to three tons as smoothly as possible through an X-ray scanner.

Also here, Interroll’s solution proved to be a perfect fit.

A close cooperation with Smiths Detection, a world leader in the practical application of airport x-ray screening, helps us fulfill the needs of airports worldwide. Interroll delivers the best solutions to help passengers all over the world enjoy safer and more comfortable travels.

Excellence in baggage & cargo handling on the ramp

A success story from Power Stow, Denmark

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So what solutions does Interroll offer?

Interroll products are used in all aspects of air travel logistics. From the time your bag is checked until it is reclaimed.

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