Corporate Business Applications

Since 2008, Interroll has systematically been pushing digitization in-house by setting up a globally networked ERP system, thereby increasing its added value.

Transparent and standardized business processes make us more agile and accelerate our decision-making and speed in all areas - for example in procurement, production, sales, controlling or product development.

The global synchronization of our master data in all parts of the organization was and is a demanding but indispensable prerequisite for the complete integration of all processes of the company.

With our Corporate Business Applications we not only further streamline our internal processes and accelerate decision-making processes. We also use our internal data streams to support our customers even more effectively as enabler in their business.

The modules we use, for example, simplify and greatly accelerate ordering processes and shorten delivery times. In this way, we improve both the customer experience and quality throughout the Group. Increasingly networked production enables us to implement new processes practically simultaneously in Europe, North America and Asia. This means we can support our customers around the globe as an enabler with our solutions for material flow – in the same quality and within fast delivery times.