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  • Interroll complements Modular Pallet Conveyor Platform (MPP) with stacker crane and transfer car

    Sant'Antonino, Switzerland, November 22, 2019. Innovative solutions for the fully automatic handling of pallets: With a new stacker crane for dynamic storage and a transfer car, which enable the fast and safe storage and retrieval of up to 100 pallets per hour, Interroll is expanding its Modular Pallet Conveyor Platform (MPP), a flexible modular system for driven pallet conveying. The new products allow users—in seamless interaction with the proven Interroll Pallet Flow dynamic storage system—to implement extremely compact, robust and efficient pallet handling automation solutions that excel with very low planning and installation costs and high energy efficiency.

  • New General Manager at Interroll Spain

    Sant’Antonino, Switzerland, November 14, 2019. Material handling expert Interroll appointed Carlos Álvarez García-Luján (41) as the new Managing Director for Interroll España S.A. Carlos succeeds Ramón Rovira Brugueras who will retire after 18 years within the Interroll Group.

  • Interroll and Logstore deliver fully automated cell phone repair center to Grupo PLL in Brazil

    Sant’Antonino, Switzerland/São Paolo, Brazil, October 24, 2019. Interroll and Logstore realized a new repair center for Grupo PLL, the largest authorized service center for mobile phones and smartphones in Brazil.

  • Realization phase for Interroll's new plant in southern Germany begins with 40 million Euro investment

    Sant'Antonino, Switzerland/Obrigheim, Germany, September 12, 2019. Interroll has realigned its location planning in southern Germany in order to optimize its readiness for future requirements. The construction phase for a planned plant in Obrigheim in the Heidelberg area of Germany is due to begin soon. A total of around €40 million will be invested in this project. Interroll plans to start operations at the future site with around 150 employees.

  • Ad-Hoc announcement: Changes in Interroll Group Management

    Sant'Antonino, Switzerland, September 10, 2019. Interroll, leading global provider of material handling solutions, announces today that Daniel Bättig, Group CFO and member of Interroll Group Management, has decided to leave the company by the end of November 2019. Bättig has been Group CFO since he joined the Interroll Group in March 2013.

  • Interroll’s new plant in Thailand fully operational

    Sant’Antonino, Switzerland/Bangkok, Thailand, September 9, 2019. Interroll (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has moved to a new, state-of-the-art plant in Phantong (Chonburi) in order to seize growth opportunities in Southeast Asia.

  • Interroll and Conveyor Handling Company provide a highly efficient shoe sortation solution in the US

    Sant’Antonino, Switzerland/Baltimore, US, August 20, 2019. A modular material handling system for a new distribution facility in Cranberry, New Jersey for the end user Distribution Management Group Inc. (DMG) has been realized by Conveyor Handling Company (CHC). At the heart of this solution is the state-of-the-art crossbelt sorter technology from Interroll which reduces electricity costs, simplifies maintenance and makes product packing and distribution more efficient.

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