According to proven customer data, warehouses were built saving up to 50 % of space, distribution centers increased their performance by 55 %, energy consumption in the area of internal logistics dropped by up to 50 %. Modernization activities opened potential for optimization of up to 30 %.

Like a Swiss Clockwork

System integrator Hyundai Elevator and Interroll help Youngone, the world's leading manufacturer of outdoor and sports apparel, to rise to new peaks when it comes to distribution.

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Papera s.r.o. warehouse with faster order picking
Papera s.r.o. warehouse with faster order picking

Papera s.r.o.

The new conveyor system ensures faster order picking in an existing warehouse of Papera s.r.o., a leading provider of office supplies in the Czech Republic. Higher productivity was the customer’s ultimate goal.

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Gilmer Warehouse & Logistics

"We’re so pleased that we have welcomed Interroll prospects from all over the USA to see our system in action.”

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Pearlwater Mineralquellen

Inclined flow channels provide over 5,000 pallet spaces and use gravity alone to move the 800 kilo Euro pallets.

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Procter & Gamble

Productivity and resource efficiency are the challenges of modern warehousing.

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Villeroy & Boch

A large range of delicate products with a high demand requires meticulous and fast logistics.

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Safe costs in the long run: with flow storage systems