Striving for perfection

The Interroll Center of Excellence in Sant'Antonino (near to Bellinzona/Ticino) in Switzerland specializes in technopolymer injection-moulded parts and supplies these to the Interroll production companies for installation into a wide range of conveyor products.

In the technopolymer sector, the company certified in compliance with ISO 9001/14001 is responsible within the global Interroll Group for all technical aspects ranging from development and application engineering to production and support for the Interroll Centers of Excellence and local production companies.

In this function the technopolymer center supports the globally available premium quality and innovation leadership of the Interroll key products for internal logistics. The company benefits from decades of continuously built-up specialist expertise, strength of innovation and experience in the technopolymer product sector.

Interroll Ticino: 30 years of excellence (1986-2016)

The items from our Center of Excellence in Ticino are used in all Interroll products throughout the world. It is the only place where we produce technopolymer items. One of Interroll's key skills lies in our being able to engineer and build our own moulds.


How we deal with "Zero Defects"

The ZERO DEFECT strategy is an integrated part of the Interroll Production System (IPS).

It is also implemented at our Center of Excellence for Technopolymers.



Interroll SA

Interroll Center of Excellence Technopolymers

Via Industrie 4

CH-6592 Sant'Antonino, Switzerland

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Managing Director: Ingo Specht