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  • INTERROLL LOGO CMYK, print resolution

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  • INT_Sliderbild-Interroll-schweiz.jpg

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  • Paul Zumbühl, CEO Interroll

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  • Jens Karolyi, Head of Corporate Marketing & Culture

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  • Jens Strüwing, Head of Products & Technology

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  • Dr. Christoph Reinkemeier, Head of Global Sales & Service

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  • Dr. Ben Xia, Head of Operations Asia

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  • Richard Keely, Head of Operations Americas

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  • Interroll Group Headquarter, Switzerland

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  • Interroll Academy, Hückelhoven-Baal, Germany

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  • Interroll Research Center, Hückelhoven-Baal, Germany

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  • Interroll Center of Excellence Conveyors & Sorters, Sinsheim, Germany

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  • Interroll Center of Exellence Drum Motors, Hückelhoven-Baal, Germany

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  • Interroll Center of Excellence Rollers & RollerDrive, Wermelskirchen, Germany

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  • Interroll Center of Excellence Supermarket Solutions, Copenhagen, Denmark

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  • Interroll Center of Excellence Technopolymers, Ticino, Switzerland

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  • Interroll Center of Excellence Dynamic Storage, La Roche, France

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  • Interroll in Wermelskirchen

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  • Interroll in Atlanta

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  • Product Group Conveyors & Sorters

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  • Modular Conveyor Platform

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  • Interroll Belt Curve

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  • Product Group Drives & Controls - Belt Drives

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  • Belt Drive, Synchronous Drum Motor

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  • Product Group Drives & Controls - RollerDrive

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  • MultiControl.png

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  • RollerDrive-with-MulitiControl.png

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  • Product Group Rollers

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  • Conveyor Rollers

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  • Dynamic Storage, Pallet Flow

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  • Dynamic Storage, Carton Flow (lane, with person)

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  • Dynamic Storage, Carton Flow (closer look)

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  • Dynamic Storage, Versi Flow, single rack

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  • Dynamic Storage, Versi Flow, with beverages

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  • Product Group Supermarket Solutions, Checkouts

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Video Library

Find all Interroll Videos on YouTube or on Vimeo (available for download)

Case Studies

MCP and Dynamic Storage at Liwayway, one of the most popular food brands in Asia


Interroll Pallet Flow and automated Stacker Crane

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Next-Generation Distribution at Wenko

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“Size Matters” - Hermes Fulfilment

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Popken Fashion Group - Distribution and Returns

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Product Animations

The Interroll Spiral Lift takes you to New Heights!

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Hygiene First! Solutions for food and beverages

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Whenever reliability, performance and simplicity are called for

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Interroll Service

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Interroll Modular Conveyor Platform

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Interroll Carton Wheel Flow: the fastest Installation, want to bet?

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Corporate Videos

Interroll in less than 2 minutes

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Recruiting: Are you the one?


Rolling On Interroll Summit 2017: Growing together

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Welcome to our “Culture for Growth”

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Interroll Corporate Business Applications

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Roller plays. Intralogistics soundscapes.

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Working at Interroll: “It starts with us!”

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Interroll 20 years in South Africa

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Interroll & Sauber Formula One Team Partnership

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