MSC 50
Additional benefits of the MSC 50: non-contact brake function via eddy currentbrake, maintenance-free, and no wear.

Decline roller conveyors are the cost-effective solution for many intralogistics areas in which boxes, containers, and cardboard boxes have to be brought together and accumulated for picking. Interroll's new MSC 50 provides the optimal technical solution.

Until now, the only things available were compromise solutions that work with different slopes, sliding plates, different rollers, elaborate drives, underslung brake beams, etc. The difficulty lies in finding the right slope for a reliable function even for large weight differences with completely different shapes and sizes. Light goods must start moving in a reliable manner, and heavy containers must not experience uncontrolled acceleration so they could actually cause any damage.

Mechanical speed controller for controlled speed

A downright brilliantly simple innovation for this currently unsolved problem is the purely mechanical speed controller MSC 50 that provides a controlled speed on decline conveyors with material weights from approximately 0.5 kg to a maximum of 35 kg. Interroll is now providing the destinations in the sorting peripherals and can also integrate the Magnetic Speed Controller MSC 50 into the modular platform program. Existing systems can definitely be retrofitted in order to achieve sustainably higher throughput as well as ergonomically optimized workstations.

Well proven eddy current brake now available for containers

The well-proven eddy current brake used for years in pallet flow systems is now also available for containers. This is because the MSC 50 works like a gear less eddy current brake, integrated in an Interroll series 1700 roller. Thanks to the tube diameter of 51 mm, the optimum distance to the gravity rollers is guaranteed with a diameter of 50 mm. This absolute novelty in intralogistics is installed the same as a conveyor roller, and is therefore also best suited for easily retrofitting existing decline roller conveyors. The spacing between the MSCs vary depending on decline and container weights. Intensive tests and sample installations with customers and in our own Interroll test facilities have already been successfully conducted. The MSC 50 was also completely convincing in extreme load and very challenging situations.

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Purely mechanical operation 
No cabling or control necessary

No gearbox 
Easy start-up for containers weighing 0.5 kg

Based on series 1700 rollers 
Proven quality product used millions of times

High braking performance 
Containers from 0.5 kg to 35 kg start moving safely with a controlled speed

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