Excellence in baggage & cargo handling on the ramp

A success story from Power Stow, Denmark

Power Stow A/S is dedicated to the design, manufacturing and international marketing of the Power Stow Rollertrack Conveyor - a brand-new concept in mobile belt loading systems.

Tested and tried under harsh, everyday conditions, the Rollertrack Conveyor has proved its superior performance through cost-effective loading and offloading of passenger baggage on the ramp. 

Improved working conditions: significantly reduced back and should injuries for Operators in loading and offloading baggage

The challenge

Back in the 1990s, the Danish health and safety authorities had pressed for a solution to take the strain off baggage handling staff. These employees were working in narrow-body aircraft, which not only tested their physical strength to the limit but also posed genuine risks to their health.

There was a real need to come up with a solution that would solve these issues and Power Stow emerged with an innovative concept.



Martin Vestergaard with the Rollertrack in use at Copenhagen Airport.

The solution

“I had an idea for a possible technical solution to that pressing issue, so I decided to go for it”. With this mindset Martin Vestergaard, a well-known figure on the international ground support equipment scene, founded Power Stow in 2003 and started to sketch out the Rollertrack Conveyor a belt loader based on a novel yet simple conical roller design. He admits: “The idea of double conical rollers was a shot in the dark, but it stood the test and has now been patented”.

Able to move quickly in and out of aircraft, the extendable and retractable conveyor is setting standards across the globe. Driven by the Interroll extra-low voltage RollerDrive, the conveyor precisely guides baggage all the way into the cargo hold. Everything is carefully stowed ready for the Boeings, Airbuses or Embraers to take off.

In a nutshell

With more than 400 units in service worldwide, Power Stow contributes to more efficient and cost-effective ground support operations through more stable and flexible loading and offloading of passenger baggage requiring less manpower than other options. Power Stow also contributes to creating a better working environment with equipment that requires less physical exertion and potentially damaging long-term physical impact on the human body. Ground Operations from leading airports and airlines confirm the advantages of the Rollertrack Conveyor:

This was the best buy in this niche market for GSE, outstanding product, high quality, delivered prior to scheduled lead-times, 99% reliable product against the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

states Peter Leene, Senior Buyer Projects, Procurement Airport Operations (SPL/ IW) at KLM. To date, more than 400 Rollertrack Conveyour units are in service at airports worldwide, from the US to New Zealand.

Find out more about the Interroll RollerDrive!

As a company inspired by product innovation, Power Stow relies since many years on 24V drive technology from Interroll and more precisely the RollerDrive. Key reasons for this choice were product quality and reliability, operator safety provided by this low voltage drive system and the local service and support offerings from the Interroll Nordic team.


POWER STOW A/S is an official partner of the Rolling On Interroll program of the worldwide Interroll Group.

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